41 Cooper Square, Sustainable Architecture & Design

by New York Spaces

41 Cooper Square. The iconic Morphosis-designed structure is the new academic building for The Cooper Union. A center for advanced and innovative education in Art, Architecture and Engineering—the purpose is visibly reflected in the architecture and the functions within the architecture.

Apart from the typical Mophosis distinguished aspects and very advanced architecture, this is indeed a very interesting building that moves us a big step into the future.

41 Cooper Square is the first LEED-certified academic laboratory building in New York City. Just to mention a few of the myriad features, the building has a green roof deck (which collects rain water for reuse in toilets), the main elevators skip floors to save both energy and force people to use the stairs and sky bridges, and 75% of the building’s regularly occupied spaces are lit by natural daylight. These are just some of the features make this building 40% more energy efficient than a standard building of it’s type

To showcase advancted architecture and engineering through green building provides a very inspiring and encouraging environment for the students. The building’s main staircase is also the main meeting space and is grand enough for meetings, student gatherings, lectures, and for the intellectual debate that defines the academic environment.?

This aggregation of progressive green building initiatives combines with the building’s social spaces and urban connectivity to support Cooper Union in advancing its legacy of innovative ideas, cross-disciplinary knowledge, and creative practices well into the future.

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-Kirsten Rondal Clausen

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