March 7, 2017

5 Home Design Trends to Leave in 2016

A new year calls for updated home decor. If you're looking to step your decor game up, check out these trends that are better left in 2016.

by Cablemover

New Year, Old Trends: 5 Home Design Trends to Leave in 2016

By: Cablemover

The dangerous thing about home decor trends is that sometimes, they're hard to let go. Even though you may have loved it at first sight, it's easy to fall into the habit of hoarding design trends that are best left in the year they debuted.

2017 is upon us and it's time to take a design inventory of all the decor trends we implemented in 2016. Whether you fell head-over-heels for the "all brass everything" trend or the monochromatic look, 2017 comes with its own set of new home design trends to try. So, before you implement the new, let's go over which home decor trends are best left in 2016.

Batik Pillows
Batik Pillows.

1: Batik Pillows

If you're into exuding an exotic, worldly vibe through your home decor, it's not surprising that you embraced the Batik trend of 2016. While we don't want to rain on your eclectic parade, we feel that the Batik trend should be retired in 2017. However, all is not lost as there are great alternatives to Batik. Injiri cushions or mix n' match pillows can still satisfy your craving for exotic decor style.

2: Indigo Everything

In 2016, Indigo print couches, pillows, and pretty much anything made of fabric were what home decor dreams were made of. However, the trend took on a mind of its own when home decor enthusiasts started covering their living rooms with the denim-esque fabric. While we aren't saying that the indigo trend is gone forever, we feel it's time to take an indigo blue break in 2017.

3: Fiddle-Leaf Fig Plants

We're not sure what it was about these oval-shaped leaves that had decor lovers racing to the local greenhouse to snag a few for their living rooms. While we have nothing against the Fiddle-Leaf Fig plant, we think 2017 is the year to explore the many houseplant options available. Our favorite? The exotic yet sleek look of the Bird of Paradise plant.

Monochromatic Kitchens

4: Monochromatic

The monochromatic trend was big in fashion and design in 2016 (thanks, Kim Kardasian). However, 2017 is the year for utilizing color blocking in your home design palette. Implementing color blocking doesn't necessarily mean you need to grab a paintbrush—it can be easily done with lamps, rugs, and similar decor. For example, add a splash of color to an all-white kitchen with colorful bar stools or a bright tablecloth.

5: Multiple Trends at Once

We can all admit to getting too trend-happy when we read the hottest design news at New York Spaces. However, less is more is the golden rule to follow when utilizing home decor trends. Staying up-to-date on home design trends can still go wrong if you're implementing too many in one space. Instead, choose one you feel especially drawn to and keep the rest fairly simple. Not only will it draw more attention, your space will be less cluttered.

When it comes to new year resolutions, updating your home decor is one we can all stick to. Here's to leaving 2016 where it belongs and embracing the new year!

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