November 20, 2017

5 Table Settings with a Twist from Sandy Chilewich

Sandy Chilewich's holiday entertaining tips for creating warm, inviting environments that help bring people together.

by New York Spaces

5 Table Settings with a Twist

"Each table is a blank canvas that provides a creative opportunity to combine combinations of colors and textures. Overlapping textiles become the foundation of a setting. Around the holidays, creating a warm, inviting environment is as important as the food... it sets the tone and plays a big part in bringing people together."

- Sandy Chilewich

Floral Arrangment
Skip the Floral Arrangment.

Skip the Floral Arrangement

"Flowers rarely need to be the centerpiece on the table. Consider placing single stems of flowers on a napkin or on each plate. Try arranging fresh and/or dried fruit as your centerpiece."

Surprise and Delight.

Surprise and Delight

"Create the unexpected by using a strong mix of bold color napkins, plates, and utensils arranged on a neutral backdrop Intermix contrasting materials such as white marble and crystal with acrylic and cork."

Sandy Chilewhich
Take the Glitz Out of Gold

Take the Glitz Out of Gold

"Skip the polish and use tarnished metal which will provide warmth as well as elegance. Use casual flowers placed randomly in small unexpected vessels around the table instead of the formality of a vase of roses."

Off With the Table Cloth!

Off With the Table Cloth!

"Dress your table, don't just cover it with a tablecloth! Replace white dishes with warm ceramic. Shades of brown and wood contribute to the cozy spirit of the holidays. Wood utensils, coffee colored napkins, a bowl of warm nuts and cranberries or the brown center of a flower provide intimacy to your table."

Sandy Chilewich
Let the Food Create Your Mood.

Let the Food Create Your Mood

"A gorgeous tart can be the centerpiece if served on an oversized marble plate. Don't bring out every day cake plates for a special occasion. Combine overlapping runners and placemats to provide luxurious texture and translucency. Less is more (for me, most always) 4 floral sprigs tucked into a napkin for a flower statement that says a lot."

-Sandy Chilewich

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