January 22, 2016

A Day in the Life of Costas Picadas

Costas Picadas, an international photographer and friend, shoots Swiss-American artist Madeleine Paternot's NoMAD home and studio.

by Jason Kontos

costas picadas, madeleine paternot
Photograph by Costas Picadas
costas picadas
Photograph by Costas Picadas

Costas Picadas, an international photographer and friend, has a way of finding the most interesting spaces and people to shoot. Whether it's a couple that transformed an experimental theater into a home and studio or a wild, avant-garde artist, they all seem to gravitate toward the man behind the lens. In his latest shoot of the home and studio of artist Madeleine Paternot, Costas captures the sheer minimalistic adventure of the space. Paternot, who is in the habit of flipping houses after transforming them into the perfect artist's haven, has dealt with her consistent need to move by foregoing unnecessary furniture. She now paints large-scale versions of her favorite pieces—which you see hanging throughout the home. She has made her home her canvas, and Costas has captured the beauty that comes with the use of negative space in such an intricate manner. Between the white epoxy floor, the sofa back covered in an ikat pattern, and the chandelier wallpaper of the artist's own design, you get this whole point of view of living within a painting. The art bleeds into the home and vice versa. But as they say, it takes an artist to know another, and Costas has managed to capture the nature of the beast.

View the Q&A between Costas Picadas and Madeleine Paternot.

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