December 19, 2017

All About Jacques Garcia's First Residential Project, d'Orsay

Jacques Garcia designs his first residential building, d'Orsay, at 211 West 14th Street, to reflect New York style with European finesse!

by New York Spaces

D'Orsay; Photograph by The Neighborhood.
Jacques Garcia
Jacques Garcia.

NYS: We are so excited you are working on your first full residential development. What made you decide to tackle this project?

Jacques Garcia: I always want to take on projects that will challenge my creativity and way of thinking, and I wanted to have the opportunity to conquer a new realm of interior design, which is exactly what I was given with the d'Orsay. I knew working on my first full residential development project will inspire new designs, and allow me to have a fresh outlook. I also love working on projects in New York City—it is such a vibrant city, full of passion. Everywhere you turn, there is something to be inspired by.

NYS: What can we expect from d'Orsay?

Jacques Garcia: The d'Orsay will be one of the first residential projects to respond to buyers who are looking for luxury living in this area—the center of Downtown amongst some of NYC's best neighborhoods.

The building's twenty-one residences will be composed of one- to four-bedroom layouts that will be carefully curated to create a sense of symmetry, proportion, and grace.

The d'Orsay is fashionably elegant and thoughtful in its design and amenities.

NYS: Where will it be located and what will the amenities be?

D'Orsay; Photograph by The Neighborhood.

Jacques Garcia: The d'Orsay is located at 211 West 14th Street—at the nexus of Manhattan's most exciting neighborhoods including the Meatpacking District, Chelsea, West Village and Union Square—14th Street is in the midst of a renaissance.

The amenities reflect those found in a five-star boutique hotel. There is a hotel quality skylit fitness center that surpasses a typical gym found in most condominiums. We wanted to provide d'Orsay residents with tranquility. So, we built a prestigious private spa with a gorgeous art deco plunge pool, a steam room and a treatment room. There's also a beautiful rooftop garden with unbeatable city views.

D'Orsay; Photograph by The Neighborhood.
d'Orsay Lobby; Photograph by The Neighborhood.

NYS: Tell us about the French influences you expect to incorporate into the d'Orsay!

Jacques Garcia: I wanted to bring the luxurious French style to this residential building. The lobby is envisioned as a darker, intimate space, with bronze wall panels and beams, a floor of dramatically veined marble and strips of gold mosaic, and a large decorative plaster panel from France depicting stylized flowers. I also incorporated my signature color, red. The residences depict European elegance that will stand the test of time.

NYS: We love your hospitality projects such as Hotel Costes in Paris and NoMad Hotel in Manhattan. How will the design of d'Orsay differ?

Jacques Garcia: I was very inspired by the location of the d'Orsay, especially the Meatpacking District's

D'Orsay; Photograph by The Neighborhood.
D'Orsay; Photograph by The Neighborhood.

industrial look. I worked with the surrounding architecture to recreate a language between the old buildings and the d'Orsay, enhancing the structural architecture as a decorative element. The language continues inside, with exposed metal beams, bronze walls and dramatic lights to accentuate an array of details.

NYS: When do you expect it to be finished and how many residences will be available?

Jacques Garcia: The d'Orsay has 21 beautiful residences. It is expected to be completed by early 2018.

NYS: How will d'Orsay resemble a boutique hotel?

D'Orsay; Photograph by The Neighborhood.
D'Orsay; Photograph by The Neighborhood.

Jacques Garcia: The design concept behind the d'Orsay was inspired by blending the Meatpacking District's industrial look with the flair of a French boutique hotel. This is resembled in the luxury five-star amenities, the privacy and elegant entrance of the building, and the attention to detail in the design.

NYS: What are you most excited about with this project?

Jacques Garcia: I'm very excited to present my first large scale residential project. I was able to combine New York style with European finesse in a fabulous location with a plethora of culture surrounding it. The product being produced by this team is truly exceptional, from the inside, out.

D'Orsay; Photograph by The Neighborhood.
D'Orsay; Photograph by The Neighborhood.

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