May 5, 2016

An Edgy Black & White Foyer by Rinat Lavi

When Rinat Lavi was asked to design a client's duplex on West 75th Street, she delivered the foyer of a lifetime.

by New York Spaces

A View of the Foyer from the Living Room. Photograph by Bjorg Magnea.
Design by Rinat Lavi. Photograph by Bjorg Magnea.

When Rinat Lavi was asked to design a duplex on West 75th Street, she gave the client the foyer of a lifetime. "My client owned an original studded print of the skull by Damien Hirst," she said. "I decided to hang it in the foyer, and from there it became the inspiration for the space." And truly, what better place to shock and awe someone then at the entrance to their home?

To continue with the theme Hirst's artwork necessitated, Lavi focused on using refined surfaces with a restrained vocabulary. First came the walls. The designer commissioned an artist who specializes in Venetian Stucco to create a special finish with a low luster. The walls were subsequently treated with black and white horizontal stripes. A hint of metallic luster in the wall treatment added depth while retaining a powerful visual punch. Next, Lavi incorporated a mirror the client already owned. The simplicity of the frameless piece was perfect for the size of the foyer and kept the design devoid of any unecessary details.

To complete the look the designer wanted to bring in a few reflective pieces. "A mid-century light was a definite contendor." Believing that a good vintage piece will always add a hint of sophistication to any space, Lavi found the perfect mid-century fixture in chrome and glass. Next came the console. The polished steel console's minimalistic lines and form, which echo the mirror above, was the undeniable choice. The console didn't just have to be right for the space, but it also had to sit in just the right spot in relation to the stripes to preserve the visual continuity.

For the final touch, Lavi treated the ceiling in a high gloss paint. The warm taupe adds a touch of elegance and warmth. On the console, the designer recommended the client to keep it simple and showcase either glass or decorative items in quartz to keep the look consistent and edgy. Success!

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