July 11, 2017

Anthony George and Sacco Collaborate on a Wild Collection of Rugs

Anthony George Home encapsulates the beauty of wildlife in an inspiring and ultra-chic collection of rugs for Sacco Carpet.

by New York Spaces

Ombre Elephant, Anthony George Home for Sacco Carpet.
Ombre Elephant by Anthony George Home for Sacco Carpet.

NYS: What brought about your rug collaboration with Sacco Carpet?

Anthony George Home: I have been working with Sacco for a few years and they knew I was a textile designer. We had several conversations how I wanted to expand into different products and they asked me if I would be interested in do a collaborative rug collection for them.

NYS: What were your rug designs inspired by? How many pieces will you introduce?

AGH: We started with three designs. All three that have been produced are inspired by animals. Ram, Elephant, and Antelope. The Ram is the most literal in abstract form, and then the other two have motifs pulled from the animals and applied in more of a repeat.

NYS: We love the look and feel. What materials did you choose and where were the rugs produced?

AGH: The rugs are a combination of wool and bamboo silk. The combination of the two with different levels of pile add texture and dimension. These rugs are produced in Thailand.

Ram by Anthony George Home for Sacco Carpet.
Ram by Anthony George Home for Sacco Carpet.

NYS: We particularly love Ombre Elephant! What made you go with an abstract version that not only looks like art, but the animal it was inspired by?

AGH: My favorite animal is the elephant. I have a textile called Chaang (which means elephant in Thai), however, the outline is more irregular. I decided to paint the elephant with more symmetry. There were several rounds of different pattern play and then Sacco thought it could be a great idea to mirror the pattern back to back with an ombre coloration. It truly makes the design sing. The raised pattern is in the bamboo silk and has the most gorgeous sheen.

NYS: Tell us about Antelope Stripe? What was the process on this particular piece?

AGH: When I was researching prior to the design process, I kept coming back to the Antelope. There are many different species of Antelope but one in particular had the most gorgeous stripes on its body. That particular species is Nyala.

Antelope Stripe by Anthony George Home for Sacco Carpet.

NYS: What do you most love about Ram?

AGH: I love the scale of it! Imagine this rug in a space and you walk in and you have this giant Ram staring at you from the floor. That will sure spark a conversation!

NYS: What do you love about working with Sacco? Do you foresee another collaboration? If so, do you have a theme in mind?

AGH: They are not scared of my love for color and animals. When I brought my designs into the first meeting I was anxious as some people don't like crazy colors or abstract animals but they were on board 100%.

NYS: When do the rugs hit the market and where can we find them?

AGH: The rugs hit the market in August. Sacco has a gorgeous showroom at 30 E 33rd Street, on the 10th Floor! The rugs can be customized to any size, color, and fiber content.

NYS: What are you working on now?

AGH: I am working on a wallpaper collection currently. It is a mix of geometry, antiquities, and of course, there will be some animal motifs included.

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