December 11, 2017

Arhaus Is Transforming Simple Square Footage Into Homes

How Arhaus, a company from Ohio, is bringing worldly home furnishings to New York City.

by Amanda Whitten

With nearly 20 million residents and over 8 million housing units across the 5 boroughs, there is a growing number of families and individuals who call New York City home. These homes are where people take time for comfort, solace, and self-expression. However, as several neighborhoods embark on revitalization processes, renovating apartment buildings and creating additional living spaces, many new apartments are devoid of style, color, texture, and emotion, making the feeling of "home" difficult to achieve.

One thing that comes with New York City living, which makes this even more challenging, is lack of space. Residents have to get creative in their homes, especially when it comes to furniture. Luckily, there are companies like ours, Arhaus, who help homeowners and apartment dwellers to use their premium space as efficiently and creatively as possible.

Arhaus Finds a Home in NYC

We design, manufacture, and sell unique home furnishings both online and in over 60 Arhaus stores in 40 cities across the country. It took over 5 years for us to find a home in the city; founder John Reed states that as opposed to other shopping destinations in the city, exciting things are happening in the Meatpacking District. Drawing aesthetic influences from its surroundings, our store in NYC's Meatpacking District juxtaposes classic styling like exposed brick against modern glass facades.

Arhaus Store NYC
Arhaus NYC.

Arhaus adapts each store and its offerings to reflect the local market, recognizing that not all products are universally appealing. Less than two months after opening in the Meatpacking District, we were creating new, tailored fabrics and more sophisticated pieces to match the styles of locals. Our philosophy appeals to that New York state of mind of desiring inspired, expressive, and functional pieces for the home.

Thinking about what truly transforms a living space into a home, each equation varies from person to person. For those who call the city their home, and even for those looking to move to the area, making the most of the available space (and their available budget) is a crucial part of that equation.

Filling Space With Functional Furniture

New Yorkers, designers, and Arhaus employees alike approach decor as a way to figure out how to maximize space through unobtrusive, functional, and wallet-friendly furnishings. Also, like everyone else, New Yorkers often opt for personal touches that are warm, comforting, and provide a level of self-expression. Arhaus desires to provide products for people's homes that are a reflection of who they are and the way they live. Bringing in personal touches like layers of furnishings is not only effective in transforming a space into a unique home, but it can be a surprisingly affordable approach.

Arhaus NYC
Arhaus NYC

A major component of our NYC store is the staff's dedication to helping customers find pieces that fit their unique theme or style. The in-store interior design staff provides free consultations for customers, even visiting homes to lend instruction and provide their expertise. Another component, and an often surprising one for Arhaus customers, is the price point of the products. The furnishings appeal to popular New York City aesthetics for a fraction of the price of other competitors and retailers in the city.

Arhaus is able to offer lower prices because of how our company has essentially cut out the middlemen from the production chain. Since its founding, we never wanted to buy pieces from wholesalers. Arhaus buys from small business owners and global artisans who make the products by hand and are passionate about their craft.

Invoking Unique Personal Style In Every Piece

Function is an important part of the home equation, but style is equally so. No New Yorker wants their home to look like a carbon copy of something out of a catalog. It's key to make each space unique and curated with furnishings and decor that help tell your story.

Arhaus NYC
Arhaus NYC

One way to do this is to select items that are as close to one-of-a-kind as possible, and that come with a human touch. Whether it's a travel destination or a piece of favorite art, these personal experiences and preferences should influence everything from color choices to various decor items. Arhaus, for example, has products that highlight international flavors stemming from the travels of our product design team. The designers travel the world, working alongside master artisans to produce each piece. We also provide "Arhaus Relics," which are antiques sourced from around the world. The Arhaus team purchases these one-of-a-kind items, refurbishes or repurposes them, and sells them direct to consumers.

Designing With Doing Good In Mind

We live in an ever-conscious world where all consumers — home and apartment owners included — are increasingly concerned and aware of what their money is supporting. What you fill your home with should not only reflect you as a person, but align with your values as a person as well. This allows you to look around and enjoy your newly created space, knowing where everything has come from and that you've spent your money in a conscious way.

Despite all of the ways Arhaus appeals to the New York market specifically, there are still characteristics of our products and business that everyone can feel good about. For example, all of the natural materials are sourced responsibly and Arhaus pledges to never use wood from endangered forests. Around 50% of our products are produced using recycled materials like metals and glass too. We also have several philanthropic initiatives alongside American Forests, Global Dental Relief, and The Small World organization.

Arhaus NYC

Arhaus furnishings are extensions of each individual, turning spaces into homes and using the world as our inspiration. The Arhaus Meatpacking District store is located at 410 West 13th Street, between Doyle+Doyle and Stripes Group. For more, visit

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