November 14, 2017

Art Meets Design: LIAGRE Presents the Work of Artist Sylvain Rieu-Piquet

LIAIGRE presents 'Tuberose Absolute', the work of French artist Sylvain Rieu-Piquet, at the brand's flagship location on East 61st Street in New York.

by New York Spaces

Sylvain Rieu-Piquet
Deborah Comte-Liaigre.

NYS: We are really excited about your upcoming exhibition with artist Sylvain Rieu-Piquet! Tell us about it!

Deborah Comte-Liaigre: Tuberose Absolute is indeed coming up, debuting on November 17th in the LIAIGRE NY Townhouse. We have a long tradition of exhibiting young artists in our showrooms, each exhibition being the outcome of a feeling I have, a "coup de coeur". Sylvain adds to our consistency with our artistic direction of delicacy and refinement, as exemplified with LIAIGRE exhibitions of artists including Aurélia Leplumey or Lauren Collin. Sylvain comes with his own particular world and know-how injecting something completely new at LIAIGRE that we are excited to share with our clients.

NYS: What made you gravitate towards this particular artist's work? How do you think his work plays well with Liaigre designs?

Deborah Comte-Liaigre: Working with Sylvain is a first for us. When I became familiar with his work it was quite obvious that we had precious things in common. We share the same concern for know-how, precision and perfection, time...but what makes this exhibition special is how rich the unexpected contrasts between LIAIGRE's signature minimalism is compared to Sylvain's opulent and abundant work.

Deborah Comte-Liaigre
Sylvain Rieu-Piquet

NYS: How did the collaboration come about?

Deborah Comte-Liaigre: I am close friends with the Parisian gallerist who represents Sylvain, Valérie Maltaverne (Ymer&Malta). The way she gives free rein to virtuosity and meticulous craftsmanship while maintaining a dedication to precision makes her work completely in line with LIAIGRE aesthetics.

NYS: What are some of the pieces you are most excited to showcase and why?

Deborah Comte-Liaigre: I must admit it was hard for me to make a selection among the Tuberose Absolute series. However, I am deeply fascinated by the Absolute Tuberose. First, by its spectacular size but also by the peculiarity of its frame which is beyond its first role of ornament, an integral part of the work.

NYS: Why is promoting the work of both established and up-and-coming artists so important to Liaigre?

Deborah Comte-Liaigre: Art is a central value in our philosophy, a key partner to Interior architecture and furniture design. We are lucky that our clients are very well educated and very familiar with art, if not yet collectors—of great art masters of various times. We do not promote established art but instead build from and around it our ambiances and furniture displays.

As per young and upcoming artists, we believe we have a part to play by introducing our clients to some they may not know. Being a Maison of creation, it is in our brand DNA to work with blossoming talents of our time.

Deborah Comte-Liaigre, Sylvan
Sylvain Rieu-Piquet.

NYS: His artwork is incredibly intricate. How long does it take him on average to finish a large-scale work?

Deborah Comte-Liaigre: It is very difficult to quantify the number of hours it takes for Sylvain to finish a large-scale work as they can exceed hundreds. Sylvain can pause on a work for 2 months and then decide to begin working on it again.

NYS: Does the artist do custom artwork? Until what date will the exhibition be on view at the Liaigre Townhouse?

Deborah Comte-Liaigre: Yes, custom works can vary the theme, size and the density.

We are expecting the best welcome in New York where our art exhibitions historically have been met great success. Tuberose Absolute will be on exhibition for at least 2 months, and may travel afterwards elsewhere in one of our 27 showrooms in the world—to be continued!

Deborah Comte-Liaigre—LIAIGRE's Artistic Director, Design Service—serves as the International art curator for the brand.

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