May 4, 2017

Behind the Editorial with Jason Kontos

Jason Kontos delves into how editorial gets made—sometimes it starts with a simple conversation.

by Jason Kontos

MIndful Design
The Zen garden inspiresa meditative state.

We are always so busy. Although these days that word truly understates what life in publishing is really like. One night when we were working late on two different magazines (New York Spaces and the soon-to-be-published Exuberance) I had a conversation with our executive managing editor, Deborah L. Martin. We started to talk about design and how we inadvertently and purposely try to let editorial direct you to a better place. Design, and therefore editorial, should inspire you and influence the way you live. This conversation went on over a three or four-night period. It evolved into a discussion of our mutual appreciation of Shibui, a Japanese design concept that is all about promoting quietude. It is a simple idea yet profound in its nature and feeling. Our reflective moments on getting back to a sense of stillness also led us to discuss Scandinavian design and the utter beauty in its simplicity, minimalist nature, and functionality.

Water represents purification, and in almost all cultures there are rituals
and creation mythologies associated with this most precious resource.
The soothing qualities of a spa experience often center on water, and here,
the horizontal shower from Dornbracht is a perfect escape for the home.
The water ow can be choreographed into three effects: Balancing,
energizing, or de-stressing. -Deborah L. Martin.

And as all good conversations go, it inspired us to create an editorial feature that is showcased on page 94 of our April/May New York Spaces issue. "Mindful Design" as we aptly titled it, is truly a design compendium of beautiful places and things to inspire peace. Escaping the chaos inside and outside of the home is absolutely necessary—especially for those who live in New York City. I only showed these pages to a few people before we published it. Every single person took a moment to stop and let the design wash over them. The beauty of the visuals propels you to a place of peace. It's a bit like visiting the MoMA design store. The sheer inventiveness and functionality and utter intelligence behind the design of each product lends itself to an escape. I have worked with Deborah off and on for over twenty years now. It's a wonderful foundation and I truly love pushing her buttons. Developing this feature together made me remember how much I love our work and how much I love working with our editors. Next up is The Goods and I have been pushing all the same. Take a look at Mindful Design in our latest issue, I promise you it is worth the read.

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