November 30, 2015

Behind the Scenes With Vicente Wolf

Jason Kontos gives a behind-the-scenes account of a photo shoot with interior designer Vicente Wolf and photographer Peter Margonelli.

by Jason Kontos

Interior Design by Vicente Wolf. Photography: Peter Margonelli.


Vicente Wolf. Photograph by Andrea Blanch.

There are some shoots I don't like to miss. And when we are shooting a location by longtime friend Vicente Wolf—a now famous New York interior designer in his own right—I make sure to be there. As many of you know, these photo shoots are not as glamorous as they sound. Many a times they entail rising at the crack of dawn to make sure we get the best light possible and trekking over to the flower market beforehand (during the market's most chaotic hours), to lug back a veritable truckload full of flowers over to the location. While a truckload might be a bit of an exaggeration, it certainly feels like it at times.

While the photographer sets up, I start to set the scene. We are often asked if the homes we showcase really look like the photos. The answer is more of a yes than a no. We don't alter the home but we do clarify the look...oftentimes this means removing homeowners' personal belongings to make sure the design shines through. We want to tell a story—and in doing so, less is often more. This time, we worked with one of our favorite photographers, Peter Margonelli. You always have to match the right photographer to the right location. And Peter not only has a global viewpoint but he also has that elusive je ne sais quoi that brings just the right degree of sexy onto our pages.

And the penthouse certainly is that. With eighteen-foot-tall ceilings and huge arched windows overlooking Madison Square Park, the magnetism of downtown Manhattan is on full display. The design has to harmonize with the views though—a factor many designers find difficult to achieve. Vicente is certainly not one to be intimidated—a factor that always draws me to his interiors. He enveloped the master bedroom in a sea of ice blue and created a cohesive yet innovative living space that included a baby grand piano—a dazzlingly seductive yet equally difficult piece to design around. Without giving too much away before the feature comes out, the shoot was a success. And we didn't break anything, so that's a relief. Let's see what you think when our issue hits newsstands.

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