November 29, 2017

Birds of a Feather: Groundworks Introduces Hunt Slonem Collection

Groundworks' new exclusive collection of vibrantly colored and visually stunning fabrics, wallpapers, and carpets by Hunt Slonem, brings his artwork to life.

by Nicole Haddad

Hunt Slonem Collection
Slonem's Flock
Finches wallpaper is modeled from Slonem’s After Boston painting from 2009 and pays tribute to the artist’s pet finches over the years and his love of birds—he even has an aviary in his New York studio.
Hutch, named after a monumental painting the artist created
in 2009, is digitally printed.

HUNT SLONEM: What happens when a larger-thanlife personality with a penchant for creating unforgettable works of art joins forces with a powerhouse home furnishings company? A collaboration for the ages: Groundworks translated some of neo-expressionist artist Hunt Slonem's most dynamic paintings depicting exotic animals and tropical plants into a dazzling collection of wallpapers, fabrics, and carpets available at Lee Jofa.

One of Slonem's most iconic motifs—the bunny—began when the artist learned he was born in the Chinese Zodiac's Year of the Rabbit. The repetition of the motif, along with butterflies and birds, is something he describes as a form of worship. Slonem's bunny paintings and his studio's salon-style showcasing of bunnies framed in 19th-century portrait frames have been adapted to highly-coveted wallpapers, including the tromp l'oeil "Bunny Wall"
pattern. Hutch, a digitallyprinted wallpaper composed of a seamless series of bunnies, joins Finches, a colorful, whimsical pattern that highlights the artist's love affair with birds. The best part about the Hunt Slonem Collection? There is more to come.

Slonem's Flock, hunt slonem
Bunny Wall, a tromp l’oeil wallpaper, recreates the artist’s salonstyle studio wall, including the antique frames he hand-selects.

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