July 24, 2017

CF Modern's Unique, Custom Designs for the Home

Conceived from a wealth of design experience and a need for fine, custom furnishings, CF Modern is making pieces that are bespoke-tacular.

by Alexander Polabov

CF MOdern
Left: The solid brass Trapezoid mirror is inspired by the re ned simplicity of the Art Deco period. Right: Swathed in a classic houndstooth pattern, the Coco ottoman adds style and pizzazz.
Irwin Feld of CF Modern
Irwin Feld of CF Modern.

The Culimination of life-long experience and exceptional taste can blossom into something quite special. CF Modern Co-Founder and Creative Director, Irwin Feld, embodies this idea in his unique, custom pieces that are satisfy- ing a clientele with sophisticated taste and specific needs. With a nearly forty-year career in design, Feld, along with his partner Steve Cassler, launched CF Modern in 2011 to produce uncommon products in New York that are tailored to fit the specific demands of their refined audience.

How do your work history and your passions influence CF Modern?

Irwin Feld:
We are all the sum of our parts. With CF Modern I have been able to cultivate my careers in fashion, women's accessories, interior design, midcentury antiques and interior design. I found great inspiration in the costume and set designs in classic films. I try to take those black and white influences and realize them in color.

Irwin Feld of CF MOdern
Feld's signature Stiletto bench is named for its sleek legs.
Muted polka dots grace the seat of the blackened steel Platform bench.

Share your rather unusual beginning in design.

I closed a jewelry business my wife and I had in 1997. At that time, I was asked to do a pro-bono renovation on a nursery school. The first thing I did was get down on my knees to survey the building from a child's vantage point. This helped me to gain perspective on what the people using the space, in this case children, would see and experience.

How would you describe CF Modern's mission and designs?

CF Modern

The Formation three-drawer console is a study in clean lines.

IF: We got into the custom business because a number of my design clients would find pieces they loved, but were an inch off, thus wouldn't work. I thought, "If one inch matters so much, we'll make it ourselves." When it comes to designs, CF Mod- ern can best be described as classic with a twist. I embrace 20th-century pieces as they are a mix of exotic and erotic.

IF: Start with the art.

CF Modern
CF Modern.

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