January 3, 2017

Calder Design Group Reflects on Their Design for the Annual Hope Lodge Bash

Nicholas Calder and Melanie Calder Russo answer our questions on the design of their table for the American Cancer Society's annual Hope Lodge Bash.

by New York Spaces

Calder Design Group for HOpe Lodge
Calder Design Group; Photograph by Generic Brand Human.
Calder Design Group
Calder Design Group; Photograph by Generic Brand Human.

NYS: What does Hope Lodge mean to you? Is there a personal connection that influenced your commitment to participate?

Melanie Calder Russo of Calder Design Group: Prior to being asked to participate in this wonderful event, Nick and I had never heard of Hope Lodge and the wonderful comfort it gives to the cancer community. With Nick being a two-time cancer survivor, we both have a strong connection to any event that helps benefit the advancement to a cure and helping the community in general.

NYS: Did visiting the Hope Lodge facility influence your design in any way?

Calder Design Group: We knew we wanted to create a holiday table that embodied the feeling of decadence, glamour, truly a special event. A special table to feast upon because in life we never know when it may be cut short.

Calder Design Group
Calder Design Group; ; Photograph by Generic Brand Human.

NYS: This design was a collaboration between you and your daughter, who also works alongside you and your team on design projects. Were there any bumps in the road?

Nicholas Calder of Calder Design Group: For this particular project, our visions were very on point with each other. Our largest bump in the road was finding out that the fabric we selected for the chair covers was discontinued at the last minute - but after a little melt down, we managed to pull it together!

NYS: Your table had several layers and textures, are there any tips you could give the NYS readers for their holiday tables capes?

Calder Design Group: Texture plays a huge part in all of our tablescapes. It adds an unexpected twist—and when it's white fur like we used in our table design, it also plays with your senses—you can't stop touching it. Also playing with accessories and flowers at different heights, not only adds interest helps to not obstruct the line of view from one end of the table to the other.

Calder Design Group
Melanie Calder Russo and Nicholas Calder of Calder Design Group; Photograph by Generic Brand Human.

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