September 13, 2017

Caroline Bay Offers Overseas Buyers a Chance to Invest in Luxury Real Estate in Bermuda

Caroline Bay offers an opportunity to invest in a Ritz-Carlton Reserve branded community in Bermuda, only the third of its kind in the world.

by New York Spaces

Residences in The Cover
Residences in the Cove.
Caroline Bay Residential Bedroom, Bermuda

NYS: Tell us about Caroline Bay! What does it offer for people looking to buy real estate in Bermuda?

Caroline Bay Bermuda Development Team: Caroline Bay, Bermuda will feature Ritz-Carlton Reserve Residences anchored by a Reserve Resort. This is the first five star development with branded residence in Bermuda. Caroline Bay, Bermuda also has a superyacht marina offering an exclusive amenity not currently available to other developments in Bermuda. Homes at Caroline Bay, Bermuda come not only with every luxury, but every opportunity for once-in-a-lifetime experiences never before available in Bermuda.

NYS: What are the advantages of buying in Bermuda, especially for East Coasters?

Caroline Bay Bermuda Development Team: Buying real estate in Bermuda has always been elusive due to the limited inventory available for overseas buyers. Caroline Bay is offering an opportunity to invest in Bermuda in a Ritz-Carlton Reserve branded community, only the third of its kind in the world. So buyers on the East Coast of the US can embrace Bermuda's unique culture and beauty as residents, in spacious and beautiful homes unrivaled in luxury and comfort. And getting here is so easy! Within a mere 2 hours from the east coast, they can be soaking up the incredible lifestyle that only Ritz-Carlton Reserve can bring.

Caroline Bay, Bermuda, Marina
Caroline Bay's Marina.

NYS: How many homes are available to buy on the island for those not aware of the unique aspect of available properties in Caroline Bay?

Caroline Bay Bermuda Development Team: At any given time there are up to about 15 to 20 homes on the market for non-Bermudians. These tend to be in the higher end range of homes in Bermuda due to restrictions applied to keep the highest-priced homes only available to foreigners. Caroline Bay, Bermuda has no such limitations and can sell to anyone, local and overseas.

NYS: What kind amenities and luxury accommodations can buyers expect from the residential portion of Caroline Bay?

Caroline Bay Bermuda Development Team:The homes in The Cove, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve Residence, are designed with luxury and lifestyle in mind. The residences offer an ideal balance of retreat and connection with relaxing bedroom suites and spacious living and dining areas extending out onto expansive patios and balconies offering either plunge pools or outdoor kitchens. The Cove is located in a sheltered bay featuring pink sand beaches and calm blue waters. The residences at The Cove will be catered to by highly trained staff in the Welcome Center and Owner's lounge offering property management and concierge services. And of course once the hotel is opened, residents will have access to the resort amenities including pools, beaches, spa and fitness, restaurants and bars.

Living/Dining Room Caroline Bay
Living and dining room in Caroline Bay.

NYS: How has the development changed the island or the approach to buying real estate there?

Caroline Bay Bermuda Development Team: Bermuda has long been a five-star destination without a five-star product. The Ritz-Carlton Reserve development is changing that. A new breed of customers will be enticed by the level of service and luxury that this brand can deliver. The real estate offering is something that has not been available before with branded luxury residences from the elite collection of Ritz-Carlton.

NYS: What should visitors expect now after the America's Cup?

Caroline Bay Bermuda Development Team: America's Cup certainly shed a powerful light on Bermuda and showcased its beauty wonderfully. Many of the visitors that came to Bermuda for the races were here for the first time. Bermuda delivered a world class experience for those visitors who we anticipate will return. The new guests coming will probably be coming by water since many of these people were superyacht owners who discovered what a jewel Bermuda is for yachters.

Caroline Bay, Bermuda
Caroline Bay, Bermuda.

NYS: Tell us about the location? What is the west end of the island like?

Caroline Bay Bermuda Development Team: The west end of Bermuda is steeped in rich history. While exploring the west end, visitors will come across centuries-old forts or discover hidden coves and beaches. The west end caters to experience seekers looking to hike, bike, or walk the railways, trails, or sail the calmer waters of the Great Sound. The remarkable pink sand beaches on the south shore are in the west end and are accessible to the public.

NYS: What is your favorite beach in Bermuda and why? We just visited and are having a hard time deciding which was our favorite!

Caroline Bay Bermuda Development Team: While there are so many pink sand beaches flanking the south shore, Horseshoe Bay being the most famous. But if you walk a little east you can discover smaller mores secluded beaches such as Jobson's Cove and Chaplin Bay.


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