August 2, 2017

Celebrity Designer Taylor Spellman Creates a Serene Upper East Side Sanctuary

Taylor Spellman, star of Bravo's “Yours, Mine or Ours”, designed a beautiful loft on the Upper East Side in luxury condominium, 389 E, 89th Street.

by New York Spaces

389 E. 89th Street by Taylor Spellman
389 E. 89th Street; Interior Design: Taylor Spellman.

NYS: We love your work on the uptown loft! Tell us about it. What made you decide to work on this project?

Taylor Spellman: I was so excited to work on 389 E 89 because it is unlike anything I've ever done before. It is very luxurious and high end but all things considered, the units are attainable.

NYS: What was the owner(s) directive or did they give you carte blanche? If so, what were your first design decisions and why?

Taylor Spellman: At this point in my career, I am lucky enough to always be given carte blanche. The developer, Magnum Real Estate Group, and I have a long-standing relationship and he is great about simply trusting my judgment. My first design decision is always, on every project, how to position the furniture within the space. I think about how the buyer is going to understand the vibe and layout of the apartment so that they immediately feel like "I'm home."

Taylor Spellman
389 E. 89th Street; Interior Design: Taylor Spellman.

NYS: We love the soft palette accented with metals and light blush pillows. What inspired it?

Taylor Spellman: I like to create a story around every apartment I design. For the Loft Collection, I was imagining a successful woman who is buying her first studio. I felt that a soft, glowing palette would really make the apartment sing.

NYS: How did you take advantage of the views and the changing light throughout the day?

Taylor Spellman: One of the many outstanding aspects of 389 E 89 is the uniquely high ceiling height and amazing amount of natural light that pours in.

NYS: We love how you separated the bedroom from the living room allowing for an area to entertain in. How did you achieve the idea of a separation? What design advice would you give to our readers who are trying to do the same?

Taylor Spellman: The most coveted living arrangement is an open concept as it is great for entertaining. The key is to make sure each area has its own identity while maintaining a consistent design aesthetic throughout.

NYS: Tell us about the artwork and the art wall in the bedroom area? Despite the amount, it does not look busy at all. How did you achieve a feeling of serenity in here?

389 E. 89th Street; Interior Design: Taylor Spellman.
389 E. 89th Street; Interior Design: Taylor Spellman.

Taylor Spellman: I wanted to have a very bright and chic palette for this open space, bringing in a hint of blush made the apartment feel a little more elevated and bold. I matched a paint chip to an amazing pillow I found and painted the canvas myself. It is hard to find large-scale art that perfectly matches your home, so as I always say... make your own! I love nothing more than a great gallery wall but the trick is to make sure everything you place is within a clean square or rectangle.

NYS: What were some of your favorite design choices and why? We cannot stop staring at the beautiful deep green lamp in the bedroom!

Taylor Spellman: I loved using a clean and bright palette, paired with just a hint of color. My favorite design choice was setting up the living room to flank the TV as it feels like an endless amount of space.

NYS: Will you come work on our apartments?

Taylor Spellman: Yes!!! Let's get together for some wine and design ASAP!

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