December 12, 2017

Classic Doesn't Mean Predictable

Country Floors' tile expert and Celebrity Interior Designer Jarret Yoshida talks about how to make a bold new statement with classic designs.

by New York Spaces

Renovating your bathroom can be a minefield of design choices. Too boring, too trendy, too contractor special. Unlike a hand towel, tile can be a choice that will stay with you for the next twenty years, if not more.

Classic tile choices are not for everyone, however. Some of our clients have been gravitating towards making an individual artistic statement that separates them from the developer bathrooms we see all over the city.

To that end, we have been showing our clients several tiles from the Mod-Glam collection, inspired by artists and architects whose work outside the mainstream continues to stand the test of time.

One of my personal favorites from this collection is the Bertoia. The pattern reminds me of his seminal work we see throughout art fairs and seminal architectural masterworks like the Chase Bank in Manhattan.

Jarret Yoshida Country Floors

Meanwhile, Blocks reminds me of the work of New York contemporary artist Caio Fonseca's beautiful abstractions. Alternatively, it reminds me of the eternal beauty of repaired Chinese Ming porcelain we recently exhibited for Sotheby's at their fine art auction.
Artist Caio Fonseca:

If this seems like too much for a whole room, they make for an amazing accent wall. When we choose tiles outside the classic, I'm always confident when they are grounded in thoughtful artistic process and this collection is a winner for exactly this reason.

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