May 31, 2017

Consort: The Chic-Meets-Cheeky Multi-platform Innovative Home Design Brand

With their multilevel design brand, Consort cofounders Mat Sanders and Brandon Quattrone offer “fashionably edgy” furniture, home accents, and style advice

by Jill Sieracki photographer Reid Rolls

What happens when two darlings of the digital-branding universe team up to launch their own interior design firm? You get the chic-meets-cheeky multi-platform industry "distrupter" that is Consort, "an innovative home décor concept" launched in 2014 by Mat Sanders and Brandon Quattrone. "We loved that [the name Consort] is about coming together, but it has a mischievous undertone," says Quattrone.

The Tusten II table lamp by Pletz.
The Tusten II table lamp by Pletz. Image courtesy of Consort.

And so far, a name that denotes friskiness has proved fitting: Think, interiors described as "Noir Rocker Glam"; boutiques stocked with covetable (yet affordable) furniture and accessories like stylized surfboards, gilded middle fingers, and Pop-y "'ll heart"; and blog posts with tongue-in-cheek design advice, including "Get High on Our Stylish Supply" and "The Must-Have Object for Getting Your Life (& Things) Together."

The company cofounders both came up through buzzworthy brands—Apartment Therapy, MyDomaine, and Domino for Sanders; SoulCycle and SHoP Architects for Quattrone. With Consort, their past experiences meld under one umbrella. "I love the concept of 'don't look left, don't look right,' stay in your own lane, do what is right in your heart," says Quattrone. "We really try to make everything timeless, but with a little bit of a twist and a little bit of an edge."

Zed brass nightstand by MVNGMTNS.
Zed brass nightstand by MVNGMTNS. Image courtesy of Consort.

Within their retail and e-stores, that includes offering a curated mix of new artists and designers—Verellen, Central Station, and NG Collective Studio among them—plus a hand-selected array of vintage finds. "No one is going into a showroom and just buying all new furniture for their house anymore, and if they do, they're likely going to be upset at it when all is said and done," says Quattrone. "The way that we decorate always incorporates vintage, it incorporates high and low, and it's how our customer actually lives. Even if we have 50 stores one day, every store will have vintage and it will be constantly rotating."

In addition, Sanders and Quattrone continue to provide the interior design work that first put them on the map. Together, they've crafted artful spaces for high-profile clients including, Jessica Alba, Erin Fetherston, Nina Dobrev, and Fall Out Boy guitarist Joe Trohman. "It's never about us imparting our style on our clients," avows Quattrone. "It's more about giving them the chicest version of who they already are.

"We've gotten really lucky," he continues. "We've been able to find people who have been really invested in our mission and excited about our point of view and the new things we're bringing to the décor world."

Palmyra floor lamp by MVNGMTNS.
Palmyra floor lamp by MVNGMTNS. Image courtesy of Consort.

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