September 7, 2016

Create Style with Tile by Jack Menashe

Jack Menashe, principal of Menashe Design, brings us his ideas on how to incorporate tiles into your space in an interesting manner.

by Deborah L. Martin

Create Style with Tile

There are so many available options for designers when it comes to flooring materials, yet all we see is repetitive tiling everywhere we look. A really great flooring can give a space a truly unique look. Here are some of our favorites when it comes to tiles. -Jack Menashe of Menashe Design

Porcelain wood flooring
Porcelain Tiling.

1. An elegant option is porcelain tiling that has been inspired by the wooden slats from barrels used for ageing wines and spirits. For some time, these wooden slats have been used to re-create charming, high-end parquet flooring. The natural wooden material inspired contemporary ceramic slabs to have a retro twist: the textures, grain markings and shades evoke a worn feeling. You can find a nice selection of wooden-looking tiles at Refin or Porcelanosa. They are great to use in designing modern bathrooms.

handmade bronze tile
Mixture of Tile & Metal.

2. Another really exceptional type of tile is handmade, textured and joined by bronze, or other metal finish, in the corners. The mix of tile and metal creates sophistication and attention. We love this particular tile from Artistic Tile. When the four corners are placed together they fuse into a golden sunburst, richly contrasting the deep black hand-carved background of Noir limestone. When installed, the unique creation blends gracefully into a stunning pattern.

Create an Inlay Mosaic.

3. Another interesting way to create really unique look using tiles in your flooring is to not limit yourself to what's available. You can create an inlay mosaic within the perimeter of the room or in just one section, or you can use a contrasting border around the room. Incorporating metal strips will help create more interest.

tile backsplash
Amber Glass Tile.

4. We love the pop of color in a black-and-white world. We found this stunning glass tile made of Amber glass, formatted in a unique elongated hexagon pattern. It provides a fun way to add a vibrant splash to a wide variety of settings and surroundings within your home. It is the perfect choice for any backsplash or accent wall project, and we also love to incorporate it into a custom tile flooring. Tilebar has a nice selection and variety of colors.

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