September 10, 2017

D'Aquino Monaco Celebrates 20 Years in Design and Architecture

Carl D'Aquino and Francine Monaco—of D'Aquino Monaco—celebrate 20 years with a bright new office.

by New York Spaces


Carl D'Aquino and Francine Monaco—of D'Aquino Monaco—celebrate 20 years with a bright new office.

Carl D'Aquino and Francine Monaco of D'AquinoMonaco
Carl D'Aquino and Francine Monaco—of D'Aquino Monaco;
Photography: Robert Wright.

THIS OFFICE REALLY REFLECTS where we are today in this firm's history. The space is light-filled and airy—there's an optimism walking into a place that's so cheerful and vibrantly creative," says Carl. "Francine is an architect who is also a brilliant designer. She understands furniture and the history of living objects like an academic. But my favorite thing is seeing her on a job site. She's great with contractors and she's not afraid to dig in and get down and dirty, or draw on the floor (true story!)."

"Carl and I have always driven our firm based on the ideal that design is boundless, that it has no scale, really. In our work, everything is considered, from the smallest object to a grand entry room, with the same level of attention, from both the point of view of a decorator and that of an architect working together. In that way, D'Aquino Monaco has fulfilled a fantasy of ours: The dream of creating great things in tandem with someone in a different discipline. We've been fortunate enough over the last 20 years to assemble a group of people to work with us who equally embrace that ideal," says Francine."Carl embodies the unexpected. What he might see as a solution in any given situation is still totally unpredictable to me!

Their is no template at our firm, the unique nature of our work is always bespoke. The clients we have been fortunate enough to work with never lead their lives with a template either, so over the last twenty years we've grown this network of unorthodox, inventive thinkers."

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