January 22, 2018

Edward Fields' Fab New Reverance Collection in Collaboration With Artist Fernando Mastrangelo

Juliana Polastri, Design Director for Tai Ping & Edward Fields, answers our questions on Edward Fields' new rug collection with artist Fernando Mastrangelo.

by New York Spaces

Fernando Mastrangelo for Edward Fields
"Swell" by Fernando Mastrangelo for Edward Fields.
Linea I Sit
"Linea" by Fernando Mastrangelo for Edward Fields.

NYS: We are so excited about Edward Fields' new collection with artist Fernando Mastrangelo! Tell us about it!

Juliana Polastri: The collaboration with Fernando and his team has been a truly delightful experience from beginning to end... just a magical creative journey. Fernando has such energy, enthusiasm, and generosity, and openly shares ideas and collaborates. We met several times after each round of sampling and studied the various constructions of each carpet piece to shape the stories of the different landscapes. It was exciting to bring Fernando's concepts to life and work with him as he expanded into fibers for the first time.

NYS: How did that collaboration come about and what are the results like? How many designs are in the collection?

Juliana Polastri: Edward Fields has a long history of collaborating with artists who are relevant to the moment. I

Silent Waters I sit, Fernando
"Silent Waters" by Fernando Mastrangelo for Edward Fields.

met Fernando at a party a couple of years ago, and during our conversation, he spoke about his Aztec Calendar piece which is made from corn—and belongs to the Brooklyn Museum. As a textile artist, I have this fascination with incorporating different textural materials, so this piece really resonated with me. Later, my colleague, Ariana Massouh, met Fernando's team at Collective Design Fair and felt the same way. We both thought that it was the right time to bring this collaboration to the Edward Fields brand.

This collection's success was made possible through the collaborative efforts on behalf of both of our studios. REVERENCE, which began as a conversation, evolved into 12 unique pieces that transform landscapes scouted throughout the United States into poetic compositions. The patterns are compositional, and echo both nature and the material innovations in Fernando's exquisite pieces.

Fernando Mastrangelo
"Fracture" by Fernando Mastrangelo for Edward Fields.

NYS: Tell us about why Edward Fields found the idea of a Fifth Wall so important and how it is so relevant today!

Juliana Polastri: Mr. Fields termed our carpets "Art for the Fifth Wall" in the 1950's, during the golden age of American design. The phrase is a testament to the creativity and craft that we have arrived at today in the U.S. – it's comparable to the richness that existed back in the midcentury. The level of originality in design and material selection as well as the purity that exists from these pieces being made locally is unlike anything that we have seen in recent decades. Edward Fields' model is a bespoke one, and because of this great momentum, our clients are truly embracing creation again with our carpets as their tools.

NYS: What are some of the landscapes taken into consideration?

Juliana Polastri: Fernando presented us with landscapes as well as work in his studio inspired by everything from glaciers, salt flats, molten lava, oceans, sand... the pieces are so abstract that the viewer can bring their own memories and associations to each piece.

Fernando Mastrangelo for Edward Fields
"Ten Thousand Years" by Fernando Mastrangelo for Edward Fields.

NYS: What are the custom capabilities designers can expect?

Juliana Polastri: The custom capacities are endless, and we specialize in creating one-of-a-kind pieces to suit designers' ambitions. Designers can change color, qualities, scale, combine and add elements, etc. We have in-house designers in each of our showrooms who work on each specialized custom project with our clients to realize their visions. Each fiber in the REVERENCE collection is meticulously planned and hand-sculpted by artisans at Edward Fields—from blended silk and wool yarns, to shag with low-pile contrasts, to surprising edging that defies right angles.

NYS: What is your favorite design from the collection and why?

Sal Y mar by Fernando Mastrangelo
"Sal y Mar" by Fernando Mastrangelo for Edward Fields.

Juliana Polastri: This is one of the hardest questions when it comes to this collection, and I've been asked this question repeatedly since the collection's launch. Typically, our collections have a small selection of leading patterns that best represent the collection, and another selection to complement it. REVERENCE differs in the sense that they all strongly depict the language of nature. If I absolutely had to choose a favorite design, it would be "Fracture." It was the most challenging piece to conceive, but the design perfectly combines Edward Field's DNA and Fernando's vision. Arena, Silent Waters and Rupture come in as a tie for second favorites.

NYS: Can we expect another artist collaboration? If so, do you have someone in mind?

Break by Fernando Mastrangelo
"Break" by Fernando Mastrangelo for Edward Fields.

Juliana Polastri: We pride ourselves in our everyday bespoke collaborations with our clients, who are incredibly talented interior designers and architects, and we will continue to respect Edward Fields' tradition of collaborating with living, working artists. We also aspire to work with artists and designers from various fields—furniture, product, jewelry, lighting, fashion. Our collections are an opportunity to invite designers that work in different mediums to challenge us. We have many more exciting collaborations coming in the near future—stay tuned!

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