May 15, 2017

Exhibitions at Paul Kasmin Gallery

Paul Kasmin Gallery presents exhibitions by avant-garde artists Roxy Paine and Mark Ryden.

by New York Spaces

Roxy Pain at Paul Kasmin Gallery
"Dendroid 3" by Roxy Paine.


Roxy Paine: Farewell Transmission

293 & 297 Tenth Avenue
May 2–June 30, 2017

This two-venue exhibition marks Roxy Paine's first NY-solo show of new sculpture in three years. Large scale dioramas, including Experiment, 2015, a disheveled interior of a motel room, and Meeting, 2016, a commonplace recreational room with a circle of office chairs, will be on view. Paine first started his diorama series in 2013, capturing quotidian environments charged with psychological dilemmas. His recent incarnations are even more intimate in scale and left intentionally ambiguous and open ended. Also on view will be a group of new dendroid maquettes, the first to be realized in over five years. Paine began making these stainless steel, tree-like sculptures in 1999, and has since created over 30 full-scale versions worldwide. In his new work, Paine offers a multifaceted translation between the natural and the industrial

Roxy Paine's body of work spans the monumental to the microscopic, from the organic tones of nature to the cold, clean lines of the machine world. His works never rest in one sphere alone, but rather fuses them together to create pieces, which confound, provoke, demonstrate and question these concepts all at once. Through grappling with events of nature and industry, control and chaos, Paine highlights a perpetual irresolution of these altered realities. Paine continues to reinvent and challenge the relationship between idea and material translation.

Next year, Paine will install a new sculptural piece in San Francisco to coincide with the opening of the Central Subway.

Princess Praline and her Entourage
"Princess Praline and Her Entourage" by Mark Ryden; 2017; Oil on Canvas; 15 x 52 inches; 25 1/4 x 61 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches, Framed.

Mark Ryden: The Art of Whipped Cream

515 W. 27th Street
May 20 – June 30, 2017

Mark Ryden: The Art of Whipped Cream will unveil a new body of work, featuring paintings, drawings and sketches to accompany a new production from American Ballet Theatre this Spring.

The gallery's presentation will coincide with the New York premiere of ABT's Whipped Cream at the Metropolitan Opera House, with choreography by Alexei Ratmansky and music by Richard Strauss. Ryden conceived the costumes and set design, including numerous backdrops, staging, props, and over two dozen unique and meticulously handcrafted, ballet dance costumes. On March 15, Whipped Cream celebrated its world premiere at the Segrestrom Center for the Arts, Costa Mesa, California.

Ryden's work coalesces youth, purity, and beauty with the subconscious and macabre, themes also explored within the narrative of Whipped Cream. The ballet that tells a surrealistic tale of a boy who overindulges in a Viennese pastry shop and dreams his candy confections to life. This new body of work features numerous new character studies and set drawings as well as the artist's beloved figures such as the Snow Yak, all blurring the boundary between ballet's high culture and the contemporary cultural imagination.

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