January 17, 2018

Exhibitions at Paul Kasmin Gallery

Paul Kasmin Gallery presents exhibitions by artists Judith Bernstein, Robert Indiana, and Tina Barney.

by New York Spaces

Robert Indiana
"Love Wall" by Robert Indiana.
515 W 27th Street
January 18–March 3, 2018
Paul Kasmin Gallery's forthcoming solo presentation of sculptures by Robert Indiana will take place from January 18th through March 3rd, 2018. The exhibition, which honors the artist in his 90th year and celebrates over 15 years of representation by the gallery, will include two iconic works: LOVE WALL and ONE through ZERO.

Indiana's archetypal stacked LOVE composition, with its bold serif lettering of VE stacked beneath the L and off-kilter O, is one of the most ubiquitous works of art of the 20th century. LOVE WALL (1966-2006) consists of four of Indiana's classic LOVE compositions arranged in mirrored orientations with the four Os joined at the center, constructing an impressive 12ft high, Cor-ten steel monument. LOVE WALL is a superlative example of Indiana's practice.
Schlongface Has Risen Judith Bernstein
Schlongface Has Risen, 2016; acrylic and oil on canvas; 103 x 103 inches; 261.6 x 261.6 cm
Image courtesy Judith Bernstein and Paul Kasmin Gallery.
Money Shot
293 Tenth Avenue
January 18th–March 3, 2018

Paul Kasmin Gallery's forthcoming exhibition of new paintings by Judith Bernstein celebrates one of the gallery's newest on a renowned roster of artists. The exhibition, entitled Money Shot, will be on view from January 18 to March 3, 2018 at 293 Tenth Avenue and features seven new large-scale paintings that emphatically continue the artist's incendiary political critique of the current Trump administration. In the artist's words, "I am showing Trump for what he is: a fool, a monster, a jester, a sexist, a racist. Donald Trump is a con artist, using the White House as his own personal cash machine."

Since graduating from Yale in 1967, Judith Bernstein has developed a reputation as one of the most unwaveringly provocative artists of her generation. Steadfast in her cultural, political and social critique for over 50 years, Bernstein surged into art world prominence in the early 1970s with her monumental charcoal drawings of penis-screw hybrids. Read more here.

Landscapes b y Tina Barney
Fun Slide, 2017; chromogenic color print; 48 x 60 inches; 121.9 x 152.4 cm; Edition of 5 (#1/5)
© Tina Barney; Courtesy Paul Kasmin Gallery.

297 Tenth Avenue
January 17–March 3, 2018

Paul Kasmin Gallery is pleased to announce Landscapes, an exhibition of new and never-before-seen works by Tina Barney. This is the artist's first New York solo exhibition in the past three years, and her second at the gallery, following major recent exhibitions at the Kunsthalle Wien in 2017 and the New Orleans Museum of Art in 2015.

In September 2017, Rizzoli USA published Tina Barney, a comprehensive monograph spanning her four-decade international career. Alongside her oeuvre of portraits portraying the daily life of the social elite that Barney is most known for, exists an entire series of landscape photographs using her 8 by 10-inch view camera. Barney first began her experimentation with landscape photography in the late 1980s and would not revisit the subject again until the summer of 2017. Read more here.

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