January 29, 2018

Fashion Influencer Joey Zauzig on Fashion, Travel, and Design

Fashion Instagram influencer Joey Zauzig talks design, fashion, and travel to publicist Byron Cordero from his Chelsea home.

by New York Spaces

Instagram Influencer Joey Zauzig
Joe Zauzig; FUN.COM Comic Suit, Ballard Design custom booth, Diptyque candle and CB2 dining table.
Image 6: Mackage Bomber, Thom Browne Button down, Frame Denim, La Prairie Moisturizer, Diptype and Frederic Malle
Mackage Bomber, Thom Browne Button down, Frame Denim,
La Prairie Moisturizer, Diptype and Frederic Malle.

Byron Cordero: The world of instagram has shaped itself as a driving force behind everything from brands to a personalities. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

Joe Zauzig: Instagram, where to begin... it's such an incredible platform that has enabled me to build a community with shared interests in fashion, health, travel and relationships. A large part of my content focus has been focused on fashion—since I started my career working a traditional 9-5 job in the industry, it made sense.

As my passion for health and wellness grew, I began to share my journey with my audience. Travel has become a huge part of my daily life, it's so exciting bring my followers along for the ride! Travel is a major part of the jig but it's not all fun and games. It's easy to overlook everything that goes on behind the scenes while building a social brand.. it is serious work! It has challenged me ways I had never been before but the connection I've built with my followers has been so unbelievably rewarding! Anyone who knows me knows that I've always been an open book, that's just my personality. I like to keep an open dialogue – the more I engage through comments and dm's the more comfortable I've felt discussing my personal relationships on the channel. I've been given a platform that allows me to connect with my followers on an personal level. I want to stand up as an activist and use my voice to support the LGBT community and the charities I believe in such as Ali Forney, AMFaR.

Byron Cordero: How do you use instagram to promote your beliefs or values?

Joe Zauzig: I try and be REAL, nothing is really off-limits, I share A LOT with my followers, and I try and talk about some of the hardships I'm going through or have been though, to hopefully relate to people and be able to be a guide or a helping hand. I know how hard things like bullying, coming out, relationships, and divorce can be and as someone who has lived though those life changing events, I like to of course talk about it. I'm proud.

Byron Cordero: Where in the city do you live?

Jacket Coach, Denim APC
Jacket from Coach; Denim from APC.

Joe Zauzig: I live in Chelsea.. one of my favorites, so convenient and there are HOT guys.

Byron Cordero: What made you choose that neighborhood over others?

Well obviously, when you live in the city, the first concern is price, so I wanted somewhere that was moderately priced (does that exist in NYC?) but also central, I'm constantly running around the city. When I moved I instantly fell in love with the neighborhood .. never leaving FYI.

Byron Cordero: How important is it for you to live where you love? How does it affect your life?

Joe Zauzig: I think that in NYC, finding somewhere that feels like home is one of the hardest aspects of the search. In previous places, I never felt like anything was home, I just felt like it was a place to keep my stuff. But I never actually wanted to hang around there. Having this place makes me actually want to be home and it's nice to come home to somewhere that feels like ME. It feels like a complete escape from the city!

Byron Cordero: Let's talk design. How did you go about it at your apt? What kind of style do you enjoy?

Joe Zauzig: Obviously it's all about being super cozy for me, so something that felt at home, but still had a modern twist. I love modern design, so I tried to incorporate hard edges and squares, whites, marble, glass and then the forest green couch from Archive.. which is my favorite piece in the apartment. Also art work.. if you look at some of the pieces in the apartment, they are bright and colorful, so I'm always in a good mood when I look at those and they really brighten up the apartment.

Article Furniture, Hermes Blanket
Couch from Article Furniture; Hermes blanket.

Byron Cordero: What do you use your apt for?

Joe Zauzig: What DON'T I use my apartment for is a better question. I would say, It's my place of rest, place of work and place to binge watch Big Little Lies and Black Mirror! I love entertaining too, dinner parties from time to time when I have the energy. Like I would much rather stay in my apartment with a great group of friends, playing cards, drinking wine, and listening to GOOD music. You never have your own choice of music at bars, which drives me crazy.

Byron Cordero: Does your interior design reflect your personal style/fashion? How so?

Joe Zauzig: 100%! I regard interior design and fashion as one and the same. If you see someone with a chic outfit on the street, 90% of the time their apartment is just as chic. Design is TASTE. So I like modern pieces in fashion and the same goes for interiors. My home has a "pop of color" couch and I live for a pop of color in my outfits.

Byron Cordero: Where do you go for fashion inspiration?

Joe Zauzig: My self, my mood! I would say my outfits everyday are really affected by my moods. If I'm wearing an oversized black cable knit with black pants and black boots, I am most likely in a mood. If I wake up feeling like SO happy or I just got had a great night, I'm wearing whites, reds, or deep blues. I dress according to my mood (swings). I also love GQ, they are really my go-to magazine that I turn too when I'm in need of some inspo!

Joey Zauzig: @joeyzauzig
Photography: Henry Lou, @Henryloustudio
Styling: Eric Best, @eric_best
Hair/Make-Up: Mao Uga, @mao.uga
Creative Direction: Byron Cordero, @cordero.by

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