August 7, 2017

Get the Look with Country Floors' Newest Tile Ambassador, Celebrity Designer Jarret Yoshida

Transition your home or vacation pad into an oasis and a fab place to entertain with a little tile magic tips and accessorizing tricks from Jarret Yoshida.

by New York Spaces

Country Floors' Newest Tile Ambassador, Celebrity Designer Jarret Yoshida, Shares His Tips and Tricks to Transition your Home or Vacation Pad into a Celebrity Oasis

Tie a good neutral palette in with the highly veined marble pattern bathroom. High or low, subtle, or in-your-face, celebrity style means catching the eye of the cameras stalking your every move. The easy way out to get that attention is to use bright colors that contrast, hopefully in good taste.

A more challenging direction is when a client asks for a subtle palette. This apartment was done for an international celebrity and his then girlfriend looking for a pied-a-terre in New York City. Here, we used various tones of beige, white, and brown, but created visual engagement by widely mixing our material palette: bronze, mohair, stained wood, natural finished wood, cottons, linens, and fur abound. A home in a similar color scheme without confident use of materials would fall flat and read as boring as plain oatmeal.

Tie the clock pattern to the image with the Vuitton bag. Alternatively, one can take bold patterns from around the world and expertly layer them for the kind of camera-worthy shot people are always looking for. We did this master bedroom for a well-known news correspondent who has been voted one of Wall Street's most eligible bachelors.

Our handmade paper from American design icon Jack Lenor Larsen contrasts beautifully with our zig zag pillows from Paris-based Manuel Canovas. Repeating the zig-zag in the rug, only in a larger scale, amps up the energy in the room. At the same time, the custom-made bench made by our firm provides the room with an element of calm so that our scheme can be more evocative of Hollywood Hills than Las Vegas.

Finally, nothing says celebrity more than design inspired by runways in Paris and Rome where masterful color contrast is re-emerging. From the Dior cruise collection to the Chanel couture at the Grand Palais—leading designers are making us look at color in combinations we aren't used to seeing, especially in America. No subtle navy on cream or gray on white. Think hot pink, yellow, and brown. Or imagine lilac, brown, and green. The more unusual, the better.

Of course, the challenge is how to do this with confidence and have the contrast be refreshing—not jarring us into some bad taste nightmare. The space above is for a well-known fashion editor who is a front-row perennial. It embodies that spirit of color contrast and luxurious texture. Orange, avocado, and brown updating the dreary 70s combinations that has thankfully disappeared from view can feel fresh and exciting when done well.

Jarret Yoshida's A-list celebrity clients include Daniel Craig and the CEO of Issac Mizrahi to name a couple.

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