December 16, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide: Tech Edition

All about our top Six Holiday Gift picks for the men and women who love gadgets and gizmos for the home!

by New York Spaces

Holiday Gift Guide: Tech Edition

MOma Virtual Headset
VR Zeiss One Plus for Smartphones from MoMA.

Hello techy lover of art and innovation! The VR Zeiss One Plus for Smartphones headset uses innovative optics and precision eyeglass lenses to transform your iOS or Android phone into an immersive virtual reality experience. The front of the headset features a transparent shield that enables the use of smartphone cameras for augmented reality apps. You can even tour a museum from the comfort of your own home—just google VR Museum Apps and download the app of your choice (any app made for Google Cardboard will suffice). Put on the headstraps, sit back, and enjoy! This ingenious headset has a field view of approximately 100 degrees, high-picture quality and stereo format for photos, and 3D and 360-degree videos.

HearthCabinet Ventless Fireplace.

Curl up this winter—and many more to come—in front of a fireplace—yours to be exact! HearthCabinet's Ventless Fireplaces produce a safe, crackling warm flame that instills a serene, cozy ambience. They also don't emit any odor, smoke, or ashes. Each fireplace is fueled by a single-use gel cartridge and is one easy way to avoid dealing with a chimney, flue, gas line, or electricity. Get your warmth on!

Onyx by orion labs
Onyx by Orion Labs.

Is there anyone not on the move lately? Orion Labs just created Onyx, a stylish, wearable walkie-talkie that will allow you to talk to anyone (as long as you are connected to Wi-Fi or your cellular network) with just a tap. This is a must-gave tech gadget for entrepreneurs, marthon runners, event coordinators, festival-goers, and really, everyone. This hand-free device will also be integrated with the Amazon Alexa personal-assistant bot in early 2017 to allow users to chat directly with the gadget to order Ubers or take-out, control smart home equipment, and get news, travel, and traffic updates while on the go. Don't worry if you already bought one, a free update to your Orion Labs app will get it working right when it is available. Pin it to your shirt, jacket, bag or any other personal wear and talk without worry. Colors include rose gold, iridescent cobalt, black, and silver.

BLISS Lights

Impress your family and friends this holiday season with a dazzling display of light. BlissLights use high-tech laser lighting to cast thousands of moving light points—perfet to create a magical visual show. Simply choose a location, plug it in?, and point it to the desired area. The instantaneous ambient lighting will mezmerize your guests. Use them indoors or outdoors—the lights cover of 2,500 square feet! For ease of use, they also come with controls and built-in timers.


How many times have you wanted to open a great bottle of wine but only have a glass? Plum just debuted a super-automatic, in-home wine appliance that holds any two standard wine bottles. Each wine bottle is automatically identified by an integrated computer and cameras from a database of of more than six million wines, and then preserved and chilled at the perfect temperature for that varietal. The labels will appear on a full-color, seven-inch touchscreen that allows you to enjoy a taste or a glass of either wine at a touch. It is a premium wine-by-the-glass experience that marries haute technology and elegant design. Plum also accepts bottle with any closure—it can work with everything from natural cork, to engineered cork, and metal screw caps. #PlumByTheGlass

OMega Juicer
Omega Juice Cube.

A bit of a health nut? Whatever the answer, Omega's new Juice Cube will become your go-to cube for at-home healthy eating. The cube not only extracts fresh juice from fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens, but it also creates all-natural nut butters/milks. You can also use it to make fruit sorbets or to grind your coffee beans and herbs. Juice up! Or shall we say, get the sorbet ball rolling?

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