January 11, 2017

Hollis Dark Jr. Exhibition at John Doe in Bushwick

From January 13 through February 1, the artist known as Hollis Dark Jr. will be showcasing his uniquely mesmerizing paintings at John Doe in Bushwick, New York.

by New York Spaces

Hollis Dark JR exhibition at John Doe
John Doe in Bushwick, NY.

From January 13th through February 1, John Doe Gallery presents the work of the artist known as Hollis Dark Jr. The exhibition, Effusion, will feature one-of-a-kind paintings by the artist made with epoxy and light absorbing pigments. The materials and the way in which they are used allow the paintings to be illuminated in low light conditions. It creates a fascinatingly eerie effect we truly love. See you there!

John Doe is located at 112 Waterbury Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206.

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