April 12, 2017

How To Freshen Up Your Space, by Katharine Earnhardt, President of Mason Lane

Katharine Earnhardt, president of a boutique art advisory firm, brings us her tips on how to freshen up your space!

by Katharine Earnhardt

Katharine Earnhardt, president of mason lane
Tips on Freshening up Your Space by Katharine Earnhardt, President of Mason Lane.

Freshen Up Your Space

Spring has hopefully sprung, and it is a traditionally excellent time to clean house. A less known fun fact is that cleaning house poses great opportunity for fluffing it up too. Get rid of old stuff, discover forgotten pieces, and capitalize on your relatively good-weather-induced motivation to freshen things up. This will improve your space and your all around mood—a great thing for you, your spouse, sleep, productivity, and the list goes on and on.

Clear off your coffee table

If it was just collecting clutter, then find a home for that (possibly the garbage). If you had a vignette, make a new one because even visuals get stale. Pull books from another room, get fresh flowers, add a sculptural object, and bring it together with your formerly everything-gets-dropped-on-it, table. In my house, the coffee tabletop attracts toddlers of all sizes, so I seek out pieces that are easy to replace or non-destructible. (Favorite new sculptural object is $20 at Target). And here is a great piece on how to make a vignette.

Katharine Earnhardt, president of mason lane
Tips on Freshening up Your Space
by Katharine Earnhardt, President of Mason Lane.

Look at your displayed photographs

Were any taken in the past six months? Is your second child even represented? Remove old photos and add current ones. Get prints through a quality photo shop, not your local pharmacy or app. Splurge for high-end paper (my favorite is photo rag) and you will be amazed how much better your pics look. Consider doing a gallery wall, but not by yourself... get a professional (soft plug) to create to-scale templates, source proper frames, and have it installed correctly so you don't destroy your wall, marriage, or the potential of this "homage to family" that you want to create.

Assess the walls

Is the art on your wall there just because you happen to own it? Did your mom give you "art" that once hung in her bathroom? Time for something new. First, less is more. Pick one to two signature walls in a room and remove art on the other walls. Second, assess the art left on those signature walls. Are they right size and style for the space? Does it bring you happiness? If not, consider getting something of higher quality that suits your space, taste, and budget (with some guidance)—it's the best way to give your home some character. And lastly, look at how your art is presented. Sometimes crisp white matting and framing gives new life to an old piece. Also, hanging art so that the centers are aligned (usually around 60" from the floor), makes everything look more coherent. Art should make your place shine, not serve as a filler. Make sure that what's on your walls celebrates your taste in the best possible ways.

Katharine Earnhardt is the President of Mason Lane, a boutique art advisory firm in New York City that helps residential and corporate clients buy art to fit their space, taste, and budget. Contact [email protected] or 917-868-0043 for more information, or share the love on Instagram @masonlaneart212.

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