February 26, 2017

How To Refresh For Summer On A Financial Diet!

Kylee Trunck, senior staff designer at Havenly, brings us her tips on how to revamp your space for spring and summer without breaking the bank.

by Kylee Trunck

Havenly Living room

How To Refresh For Summer On A Financial Diet!

By: Kylee Trunck, Havenly Senior Staff Designer

Kitchen design by Havenly

It's almost summer and you likely have an itch to totally revamp your space. Everything from sheepskin rugs and cozy knit throws to bright colors and breezy fabrics start to grab your attention. The reality, however, is that a complete seasonal refresh isn't always in the financial cards. But with a little decor juggling, a small budget can go a long way towards breathing new life and energy into your space for summer.

The first thing you'll want to do is clear off every surface in your home. Kitchen counters, coffee tables, bookcases and sofas are usually where all of the good stuff collects. Remove everything and place all your pretty things from pillows, vases, and candles into a pile. Then, get serious about editing. Do you still love everything in your pile? If not, stick it in a box and get your eBay account fired up!


The next step is to rearrange and redistribute all of the pieces you still love. Focus on the more colorful pieces

for summer. Start with the living room and place your favorite pieces in a vignette on your coffee table. Remember the rule of three and to vary your heights. Next, style your bookshelves and any other accent tables you might have. Consider where the focal point of your room should be and create a wow-moment!

Next up is the kitchen. Be serious about your editing here! Kitchen counters often become a dumping ground for every random piece of mail or small appliance, but what you really want is a clutter-free place to whip up culinary masterpieces. If you don't use something at least 3 times a week, put it in a cupboard. Remember to save space for pretty pieces and include art, vases and flowers in your kitchen decor.


Finally, head to the bedroom and start with pillows! A few from your living room might find a new home on your bed. They can instantly transform the look of your space. Bedroom surfaces like nightstands and dressers are another dumping ground for everything and anything, so create a vignette with vases and candles to keep it looking neat. Check Anthropologie for a small, pretty bowl for your nightstand to keep odds and ends contained.

Once you have things placed where you want them, you might find that you need a couple of new things to complete your mini transformation—and that's ok! Shop end-of-season spring sales to score great pieces at great prices to fill in any holes you may have. Stash away the things that you don't end up using and add them to your pile of pretty for the next season. Keep doing this and you'll have decor to swap out year-round!

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