June 21, 2016

How to Add Drama to Your Ceiling!

Jonathan Savage, of Savage Interior Design in Nashville, brings us some ideas on how to add drama to your ceiling!

by New York Spaces

Jonathan Savage Interior Design
Savage Interior Design

Looking Up: Adding drama to your ceiling by adding details and design

Jonathan Savage of Savage Interior Design in Nashville, brings us a few of his views on adding details and design to your ceiling!

Savage Interior Design
Savage Interior Design

We are familiar with sheetrock, what other materials have you used on ceilings?

Jonathan Savage: We've used zinc to add interest and details. We've done tracery, which is applied molding. I love doing tracery in Georgian-style homes because of their heavy moldings.

Tracery accents the style of the architecture and makes the rooms feel cohesive.

My favorite material for ceilings is wallpaper. The print you choose all depends on the size of the room. Small powder rooms with bold graphic prints are pretty awesome. In a large room, a smaller print can make the room feel less cavernous. In the recent Southern Style Now™/Traditional Home Showhouse in New Orleans, I used a pattern that I collaborated with textile firm Carleton V. to design. It's my first collaboration with the legendary textile firm. I was on the hunt for a pattern that was contemporary but with historical context, and Sebastian Varney, the current owner and president of Carleton V., suggested that I update a retired Dorothy Draper design called Shatter from the 1940s. My inspiration for the color combinations came from nature, such as the soothing blues found in the glassy waters of Capri. It comes in five colorways, including the neutral/grey seen in a bedroom I designed for the Southern Style Now Showhouse. On the ceiling, it looks faux-bois-esque. I also have used Shatter in the Southeastern Designer Showhouse & Gardens in Atlanta and during the Nashville Antiques and Garden Show.

Savage Interior Design
Savage Interior Design

Ceilings can be a focal point—can you share some design ideas that will add drama?

Jonathan Savage: A ceiling is definitely a way to add drama to a room. Often, the ceiling is a forgotten surface. For us, the ceiling is always the fifth wall. We love to make an impact with the ceiling, whether it's pale blue ceiling on the porch or wallpaper in the bedroom. Sometimes we use wood as an accent on the ceiling, depending on the style of the home. In a rustic country house, we recently used a tongue-and-groove knotty pine, which added character and style to a humble space.

How does using a pattern on the ceiling affect the décor of the rest of your room (ie: walls, window coverings, etc)?

Jonathan Savage: We try to make an effort to make a ceiling feel finished. When we are working off a concept for a room, we always consider the ceiling. If we wallpaper a room, sometimes we will wallpaper the ceiling to match. I don't think it always has to dictate the rest of the space. You do have to make it all cohesive. A good designer works hard to make a room flow and to make the colors complementary.

Savage Interior Design
Savage Interior Design

How can you making rooms with vaulted ceilings feel more cozy?

Jonathan Savage: An inexpensive fix is always paint. Make that a complementary space to the rest of the room. If you do a warm color or a soft pastel on a ceiling, that can be complementary to your decor. It overall adds a cozy nature to the space.

Sometimes the ceiling is the perfect backdrop to make the chandelier or light fixture pop. Dropping the chandelier a touch lower, such as 8 to 10 inches, can make the space feel more cozy.

Skylights: Yay or nay?

Jonathan Savage: I'm a fan. We have four in our own home. We use them often, especially for darker spaces, because they really brighten up a room.

Savage Interior Design
Savage Interior Design

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