March 14, 2017

Humanscale and Designer Todd Bracher Collaborate on a Table for DIFFA's Dining by Design

For DIFFA's 20th annual Dining by Design event, Humanscale and Todd Bracher created a lush, ergonomic 'Greenhouse' space that seamlessly brings the outdoors in.

by New York Spaces

Todd Bracher and Humanscale for Diffa's Dining by Design
Todd Bracher and Humanscale's Greenhouse table for DIFFA's Dining by Design.

NYS: What made you decide to design a table for DIFFA's Dining by Design event?

Todd Bracher: First, it's for a wonderful cause. Second, on behalf of Humanscale, even workplace designers like to have fun!

NYS: How did your collaboration with Humanscale come about? What has the process been like?

Todd Bracher: I have been a design partner of Humanscale for a long time. In my work with Humanscale it is my role to ensure the brand's message and design objectives are aligned to the core DNA of the company. I also aim to support brand initiatives intended to extend the reach of our design philosophy of a healthy way of being, which is universal to all aspects of life, beyond the workplace.

NYS: What is your design concept and how did you arrive at it?

Todd Bracher: The idea of the Humanscale 'Greenhouse' was born in collaboration with the Humanscale Design Studio. The thinking was to focus on a healthy and sustainable message with a light, transparent form, and touching on the concept of growth and nurture. Humanscale has a very strong ecological position that we wanted to convey in the vignette.

NYS: Why do you think it is more important than ever to celebrate nature?

Todd Bracher: Celebrating nature has always been important and it will always continue to be. Humanscale from its inception was a leader in this thinking and continues to do so from not only its product design and material use, but also its ecological responsibility and wildlife support.

NYS: We love that you titled it "Greenhouse!" What do you want your lucky diners to experience and feel in the space?

Todd Bracher: A chance to enjoy a nice healthy meal with friends and colleagues and enjoy an intimate conversation within a context that is honest, sustainable and humble.

NYS: Tell us about the products you implemented into the design? How did you choose them? What drew you to them?

Todd Bracher: The structure of the greenhouse is a hint at architecture. The intention was to let the imagination decide what the house in fact looked like; to imply simplicity and transparency.

At the center of the room is a wonderful warm oak Fritz Hansen table with Humanscale's Vessel pendant lights delivering perfectly balanced light from above. The guests are welcomed by sled-based Trea chairs, which provide superior comfort with a discreet self-adjusting recline mechanism that automatically attunes to the sitter's body weight.

NYS: We love your Vessel light! What made you decide to have it take center-stage in the installation?

Todd Bracher: Vessel was designed by physics. It was invented to deliver optimal glare-free light from an LED engine. The throw of light was calculated to evenly illuminate the objects below, and in this case the food service and conversation.

NYS: What about the design is attuned to the needs of the human body?

Todd Bracher: Vessel and Trea are both designed to be perfectly in sync with the human body. Vessel offers glare elimination and perfectly balanced overhead light with a very high CRI to allow for optimal color rendering of food and visitors. Trea has an integrated recline mechanism that does not require any user adjustments, providing a seamless experience and perfect comfort without the need for distracting and complicated adjustment knobs and levers.

NYS: What are some of your favorite table designs we should look out for?

Todd Bracher: Of course Fritz Hansen is a favorite of mine, but i would be remiss not to mention Unifor. They offer some of the most stunning tables available today.

NYS: Would you do it again? If so, is there a concept you would love to implement?

Todd Bracher: Absolutely. The cause is something we feel strongly about and for that reason alone we would be happy to support.

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