August 21, 2017

Interested in Art Therapy? ArtLifting is Art with a Social Mission

ArtLifting is an online art platform to showcase and celebrate underrepresented artists.

by Liz Powers

Billy Megargel artwork
Artwork by Billy Megargel.

Have you thought about how design can change lives? Every interior designer has. Think about how spaces affect the people living and working in them. But design can change lives in other ways too. I run ArtLifting, a marketplace that features top quality artwork from artists who are either homeless or have disabilities.

ArtLifting features 130 artists in 20 states across the country. With over 2,000 original pieces and a breadth of different styles, it fits in a variety of different spaces. As a "business for good," every artist earns 55% from the profit of each sale, allowing them to secure an income and gain confidence.

Every piece has an inspiring story that goes along with it, like artist Eric Santamaria who has cerebral palsy and paints with his wheelchair. The canvas on the ground underneath him turned into this beautiful piece. Scott Benner went from homelessness to housing after working with ArtLifting. He's been an artist all his life, but only until now did he show his work. Here's him on video talking to the Today Show! Billy Megargel has autism and is nonverbal. He speaks by creating art and expresses himself in a series of colors, textures, and strokes on the canvas. Watch him create his incredible art.

Eric Santamaria_ Mappingfou
Eric Santamaria.

ArtLifting art is hanging in places any artist would dream of having their work shown, from the offices of giants like Google and Microsoft to the chic boutique hotels like The Ames Hotel in Boston. Thousands of ArtLifting customers are uplifted every day with the visible reminder of how they are changing lives. More and more, designers, architects, and art consultants are seeing the power of having life-changing art.

Scott Benner
Artwork by Scott Benner.
Scott Benner
Scott Benner.

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