December 19, 2016

Jason Kontos: The Power of Art, Design, and Architecture

Jason Kontos visits Hariri & Hariri's exhibition at Nancy Hoffman Gallery in Chelsea.

by Jason Kontos

Fall in Review

Nancy Hoffman Gallery
Hariri and Hariri, "Beacon of Light" 1998. Nancy Hoffman Gallery.

It has been one crazy fall—and that might be the understatement of the year. This election, and the subsequent coverage, has been eye-opening on so many levels. But out of despair, hope always springs eternal—and there is no place it does not abound more than in the creative mind. These past few months I have been reminded of the solace and peace one can find in art, design, and architecture.

In my quest to stem an addiction to watching the news, I decided to head to Chelsea and enjoy the opening night of "Dialogues, Art and Architecture," at Nancy Hoffman Gallery last week. The exhibition is an examination of the architectural models of the talented design duo behind Hariri & Hariri Architecture, and the conversations they have inspired over the years. The Irania­­n-born architects take a holistic approach to design in all its forms and have been frequently celebrated on our pages—­­most notably as one of our group of Top 50 Designers. The firm's focus on constantly integrating and perfecting design to improve our quality of life—exemplified through the examination of their models—serves as a much-needed exercise of the mind. There is no path but forward, but in the interim, take the time to enjoy the beauty around you. We would like to wish our readers, the design community, and New York at large, a very happy holiday season. See you in 2017!

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