January 10, 2018

Julian Chichester & Mr. Brown London's Electric New York Design Center Showroom

Julian Chichester and Mr. Brown London share a single NYDC showroom to offer an electric blend of the functional and fun.

by Jill Sieracki

Julian Chichester
Left and right: Mr. Brown’s antique gold and Lucite chandelier; Julian Chichester’s Mondrian bookcase has five oak and vellum compartments, alternating between ochre and soft red.


Julian Chichester, Mr. Brown
Mr. Brown’s Belmond daybed and console table, Angeline chandelier,
and Seraphina table lamps occupy one of many elevated platforms
within the space.

It's hard to miss the Julian Chichester showroom on the sixth floor of the New York Design Center: Teal walls and a high-gloss white floor give way to a sparkling array of richly colored furnishings and gilded lighting fixtures. A steady flow of upbeat jazz echoes out into the hall. Imagining the space, filled with the trappings of both Julian Chichester and Mr. Brown London, as the backdrop to the coolest house party in town is really not that hard to do.

"Design integrity, quality craftsmanship, and distinctive finishes are common to both Julian Chichester and Mr. Brown, but this aside, these are two distinct companies that happen to share the same space," says National Sales Manager Michael Schleuse. "The showroom is filled with interesting pieces, each with its own individual character."Opened in February 2013 at half the current square footage, the company had the option to take over the neighboring showroom 18 months later. Now, the sunlit space artfully combines furnishings and lighting from both Julian Chichester and Mr. Brown in livable vignettes: A Julian Chichester Avellino bench and Kelso wing chair flank a Garcon coffee table topped with a backgammon board, illuminated by a sculptural Mr. Brown Orion chandelier, for example. "With our single showroom destination, designers can see more of both Julian Chichester and Mr. Brown in New York than anywhere else in the country, outside of High Point Market," says Schleuse. "Additionally, custom is an important part of our business. Presenting both Julian Chichester and Mr. Brown in one space gives designers the freedom to combine forms and finishes that they wouldn't otherwise realize if the two were separated. Both brands in a single space means more options, more creativity." Right now, more than half of what's on display is new—the Smarti coffee table, brass-accent Brooklyn collection, and smooth Delon pieces from Julian Chichester, Brown, to name just a few. Finishes range from églomisé, faux shagreen and dyed vellum, to newer, proprietary brass, zinc and bronze.

Julian Chichester, mr. Brown
Left to right: The velvet Turin chair has sculptural cast brass legs; The Abbado cabinet from Julian Chichester includes red faux-leather shelves; Mr. Brown’s sunburst-esque Kaden mirror.

The remaining inventory is the design classics, such as the Dakota table and Storm, Deneuve, and Danish cabinets from Julian Chichester, as well as the brand's popular upholstery collection. Mr. Brown presents its popular lighting styles as well as its emerging collection of beds, such as the St. Tropez canopy.

Julian Chichester, Mr. Brown
Left to right: Mr. Brown's modern Wilhelm console topped by a Troy horse and a Loon mirror; Julian Chichester’s Carlo side table is available in bright hand-burnished brass or dark bronze; The sculptural Deneuve cabinet from Julian Chichester

Further adding an element of lifestyle is the showroom's revolving collection of art—including pieces from furniture designer Julian Chichester's own personal collection (a modern work featuring the Sex Pistols being one remarkable example). In mid-October, it was paintings by abstract artist Gabriela Tolomei in collaboration with dealer Arlene Angard on display. "Art elevates and complements our furniture, because Julian and 'Mr. B' [Mr. Brown's "design mastermind" David Ebbetts] are artists themselves," says Schleuse. "We partner with galleries, curate our own collection, and create artworks in-house to fill our walls."coupled with the retro-esque Beatrix daybed and mod Durrant chair from Mr.

Julian Chichester, mr brown
Left and right: Mr. Brown’s brass Torver wall sconce is nearly six feet in length; One of the showroom’s many vignettes melds a pair of Mr. Brown Orion chandeliers and Almeria table lamps with Julian Chichester’s Storm cabinet, Dakota dining table, and Virginia chairs.

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