June 9, 2017

Kitchen & Bath Design Trends from GRAFF

Celine Marcotte, GRAFF's Business Development Manager, talks about the current trend towards a contemporary aesthetic and flexible designs.

by Celine Marcotte

Expo Collection by GRAFF
Expo Collection by GRAFF.

Celine Marcotte, GRAFF's Business Development Manager, talks about current style trends and how they influence the design of kitchens and baths.

Celine Marcotte, Graff's Business Development Manager
Celine Marcotte.

As with most industry trends, product design goes hand-in-hand with the changing needs of the marketplace; trends evolve to meet the changing tastes of the consumer. This cyclical shift in preferences, however, cannot be attributed to a disdain for a particular style, but instead through the emergence of new innovations and product applications. With one look at a kitchen or bath space, this notion of market engagement becomes clear. There are the typical components—a sink, a tub, a toilet—and most importantly, the smaller details that reflect the user's style. From slight modifications to decorative elements, to hue choice and sizing, users are able to tailor their space to their preferred style. It is with these details, these choices, that trends are born. In turn, kitchen and bath products—from faucets to furnishings—are constantly receiving facelifts.

For 2017, these shifts in style notably focus on a move toward contemporary aesthetics and flexible designs and away from those of a traditional character. This is particularly evident with vanity styles, which are assuming new, organic forms with an increasing number of size offerings and silhouettes. GRAFF®'s Expo Collection designed by Studio Nespoli e Novara, serves as an example, providing a full range of adaptable bath furnishings that work in tandem with one another or on their own. The versatile, modular character of Expo enables the vanity to be arranged according to customer desire and storage need.

graff m.e.
M.E. 25 by GRAFF.

Durability has also emerged as an essential must-have element in K&B designs. Since both the kitchen and bathroom are two of the most used rooms in the house, homeowners want sinks and faucets that will stand up to heavy usage with minimal maintenance requirements. This translates into faucets that have ergonomic and adaptable spouts outfitted with water-saving flow rates and wear-resistant finishes. Steelnox®, GRAFF's proprietary finish underscores this trend, providing unprecedented durability and a fingerprint resistant coating for fixtures. The processing of a patented powder coating makes this innovative technology possible—avoiding common problems associated with wear: scratching, chipping, abrasion, corrosion, and discoloration.

Sleek-Stone®, a GRAFF solid surface material, further accentuates the marketplace desire for durability. Crafted using a unique resin and dolomitic stone composition, the material grants a warm-to-the touch feel and luxurious smoothness reminiscent of a weather-worn stone. Sleek-Stone® is also emblematic of a different trend appearing across all sectors—earth-inspired materials. Manufacturers have developed advanced technology and processes that create materials that mimic common elements in nature, but have increased durability.

M.E. 25 by GRAFF.

Kitchen style has also looked to nature for inspiration, resulting in designs that are minimalist in character, and work with larger, multi-purpose spaces. "Open concept" kitchens and living spaces, which are common in the residential real estate scene, require designs that allow both spaces to mesh seamlessly. GRAFF's M.E. 25 kitchen faucet falls in line with this trending style, pulling in pure, clean lines and sleek pulls to create a water source that adds, but doesn't distract. This faucet can also be installed in in-house bar stations, which have emerged as 2017's must have kitchen resource. In-house bar stations have added an additional space for personalization - generating to-scale versions of classic kitchen offerings. GRAFF has prioritized this area of growth with faucets that speak to the needs of bar areas - smaller size, intuitive design, and durable finishes.

Not limited to one style, 2017's k&b design trends provide a refreshed aesthetic across the board. Designers and end-users can expect to see durable finishes, minimalist shapes, and a renewed back-to-nature aesthetic.

M.E. 25 by GRAFF
M.E. 25 by GRAFF.
Expo Collection by GRAFF
Expo Collection by Graff.

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