July 20, 2017

LUX LED Lighting Creates Fixtures that Elicit a Sense of Need

LUX LED Lighting exclusively designs and manufactures LED lights tailored to modern living with a focus on high design.

by New York Spaces

LUX Led lighting
LUX LED Lighting.
LUX LED Lighting
LUX LED Lighting. Brooklyn USB LED Task Lamp.

NYS: Tell us about LUX LED Lighting! What do you offer?

Trevor Forssell: We offer products whose beauty is not outshined by the subtle inclusion of their functional utility. We exclusively design and manufacture LED lights tailored for modern life and the most discriminate buyers. We believe function without beauty is tasteless, that beauty without function is fleeting, and that only when function and beauty intertwine can something truly timeless emerge.

Matt Miller: When designing products, it is our philosophy to create fixtures that ellicit a sense of need. We want our audience to feel that they simply must have the product. After succeeding at this, the joy is finding the next powerful design that speaks to a broad audience. However, design is not only about the volume of products. We believe creating the perfect solution takes time and requires focus on just a few designs that really work.

NYS: How did company idea grow to inception?

TF: We saw a need for beautiful lights in a space where high-design and functionality meet. Our background in LED lighting traces back to our roots in the portable lighting space, where we saw success through our retail brand, Mighty Bright. With our proven track record in LED manufacturing and design, we felt compelled to dive head long into contemporary lighting design.

NYS: What are you known for?

Brooklyn USB LED Task Lamp
LUX LED Lighting; LED Task Lamp.

MM: First and foremost, our customers know us as a company that stands behind our product quality and brand name. We believe in customer satisfaction, and create long lasting products with an emphasis on shaking off the modern day culture of planned obsolescence. Customers are initially attracted to our distinguished designs, but keep coming back because of our ongoing innovation and dedication to supporting their needs. We are also known for creating products with a keen focus on end-user convenience. One example of this is our inclusion of universal AC sockets in many of our lights, allowing for international travelers to step off the plane anywhere in the world and plug in their devices without the use of a bulky adapter.

NYS: Where are LUX LED Lighting products most suited for?

TF: Our lights are designed for the modern age, with built in features like USB and universal AC charging (which allows any product from around the world to plug in and charge without an adapter), and elegant mobile device cradles. We have specifically tailored our offering for situations where efficiency of space is paramount; the low-footprint bases, and unobtrusive designs of LUX LED lights are ideal for tight workplace and living quarters. Hospitality buyers are delighted by our corner-fitting floor lamps and clever solutions to the low-footprint designs (for instance, the innovative sticky polyurethane bases on the Brooklyn AC and USB lights, which affix the lights firmly in place without damaging furniture finishes or leaving behind any residue).

NYS: What are a couple of design examples of how LUX LED Lighting combines modern utility with innovative design?

LUX LED Lighting. Brooklyn USB LED Task Lamp.
LUX LED Lighting; High Line Task Lamp.

MM: The prime example of how our products can pair utility with innovation is embodied in the Brooklyn AC LED Task Light. The concept of including a universal AC socket into a light fixture while also providing USB charging for mobile devices created a perfect solution from a utility standpoint. The real accomplishment with that product was the ability to craft such an elegant design, yet still maintain a small footprint. There were no compromises from a functional or design perspective. With the world growing ever smaller, being able to hop off the plane from anywhere in the world and plug into the universal AC sockets truly sets the Brooklyn AC apart.

NYS: What are some of your favorite products and why?

MM: The Brooklyn AC was the first product we designed specifically for the hospitality industry, and it has paved the way for our growing brand to continue to bring dynamic products to market.

TF: Our favorite products are those that enjoy a large audience, not because the company is making money, but because it is rewarding to know that we created a successful design that enriches so many people's lives. We've accomplished this with a variety of design styles with products such as the Brooklyn collection and the Toronto collection.

NYS: What are you working on now?

LUX LED Lighting. Brooklyn USB LED Task Lamp.
LUX LED Lighting; Brooklyn LED Sconce.

TF: Right now, the LUX LED Lighting team is working on a brand new product collection called LUX High Line (above). We had been working on developing a light that would provide task lighting as well as ambient lighting, to illuminate dark spaces in hotels and home offices. Similar to the famous High Line park in New York, the LUX High Line light is meant to be a tool that enables people to experience life. We designed it to be functional, but also aesthetically beautiful—enjoyed on its own merits.

We're especially excited to bring LUX High Line to the market because it is a direct result of years of feedback and input from interior and industrial designers. Our peer's valuable insight has helped us construct a light that fulfills the desires of the industry in both design and function. It will be very rewarding to see this product through to completion in the second half of the year.

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