December 7, 2017

Legacy Designers Create Beautiful Tables for this Year's Hope Lodge Bash

This year's American Cancer Society's Hope Lodge Bash featured a range of vibrant, beautiful tables created by legacy designers.

by New York Spaces photographer Generic Brand Human Media Productions

Lisa Kanning Hope Lodge
Design by Lisa Kanning.
Lisa Kanning
Design by Lisa Kanning.

NYS: Can you please tell our readers why you have chosen to participate in the American Cancer Society's Hope Lodge Bash each year?

Lisa Kanning: I am partial to the concept of the Hope Lodge as I feel strongly that health and well-being are connected to one's surroundings. Being in a warm and supportive environment can have a beneficial effect on how a person reacts to the challenge of illness and having others confronting similar obstacles in the same space can be equally beneficial. I have had personal experience with the devastation cancer can cause and am honored to participate in furthering the cause for a cure.

The most uplifting moment we experienced occurred at this year's bash was when we were privileged tot have generous donors and their family members seated at our table. As they spoke about their dedication to charitable giving, the grandchildren at the table were so full of pride. In the speech, they conveyed that the spirit of generosity was passed down from their parents and it was evident that the passion for giving would be continued through the succession of their extended family.

Design by Lori Miller
Design by Lori Miller.

Lori Miller: When I was asked to participate in the Hope Lodge Gala I was ecstatic. I had just completed my treatments for cancer and knew what Hope Lodge stood for and how important it is for the patient to have an immense amount of support. I didn't even question what it would take on my part. I jumped in feet first and it was one of the most rewarding contributions I have ever made.

The first year was difficult as I had no idea how the process would work. I went to Vista Alegre, a personal florist and our workroom, Martin Albert Interiors, had generously donated their time along with several other vendors. We were frantic but had a great time working alongside the other designers and the tables truly looked great next to each other.

Design by Courtney McLeod
Design by Courtney McLeod.

NYS: What has been your favorite design element from the tables you've designed for the Bash these past two years?

Courtney McLeod: This year, collaborating with fine artist Robert Heller on our table topper was amazing. His canvas perfectly captured the joyful spirit of our table, depicting a starry and sunny sky as our hot air balloon centerpiece made it's fantastical journey delivering 10 gifts of hope and healing in tribute to Hope Lodge's work and 10-year anniversary. The guests were blown away to literally dine on a work of art - fantastical indeed! Last year, artist Margie Keates (who creates the most beautiful paper flowers) and local floral designer Farrah Hamlett created our paper bouquet centerpiece. We always like to incorporate an unexpected surprise in our table designs—guests were amazed the flowers weren't real!

Calder Design group for Hope Lodge
Design by Calder Design Group.

Calder Design Group: Our favorite element from our table designs the past two years has to be the giant lollipops we used on our "Sophisticated Willy Wonka" table this year. The lollipops were so big and bright, we found that they made both young and old smile alike!

NYS: Any interesting behind-the-scenes happenings you'd like to share with us?

Kristen McCory: As we all know, we can never assume everything is going to go as planned. No matter how much the prep, there is always something to add to a tablescape in the 11th hour that makes it complete. Despite the addition of balloons, and confetti, etc., shockingly, this event went relatively smoothly for me. I would have to say the most difficult thing was transporting the edible and decorative tea cakes I had custom made for the table. They needed to be refrigerated. Because I am from out of town, the transport into the city and then into the hotel cooler, back into my car and into the event, let's just say it was a lot. However, the guests at my table were very excited once they dug their spoons into them.

Design by Kristen McCory
Design by Kristen McCory.

Ivelisse De Leon: The Hope Lodge NYC 10 Year Anniversary Bash was a family affair. There were many components involved to create my table design. My son helped cut fabric to cover the chairs and my husband and volunteers helped unpack and repack the crystal and china at the end of the night. When all the pieces I selected didn't arrive, it was important to stay calm and work some magic on the pieces that were available. Through the support and generosity of many, the fundraiser raised over half a million dollars. Congratulations to all the designers and to Hope Lodge NYC. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of cancer patients and caregivers all over the globe.

I know my father was watching over me. He lost his battle with cancer many years ago. In his memory, I used Thibaut Cyrus Cane fabric. My father caned furniture in the Dominican Republic before immigrating to the USA.

Q4 NYS: Which vendors are your go-to when designing for this event?

Lisa Kanning: We tend to reach out to some of the same vendors we use for clients and to collaborate with artists

Ivelisse deleon for HOpe Lodge
Design by Ivelisse De Leon.

that we admire. Last year, we worked w/ Christopher Poehlman of CP Lighting to design a custom metal candelabra centerpiece (which he donated to the auction). Our inspiration this year came from Ashley Hicks' Totem sculptures that he has been creating—which I discovered on Instagram. The sculptures immediately conveyed the celebratory spirit for the 'Birthday Bash' theme this year in a sophisticated manner and fortunately, the local gallery representative R & Company had some of the sculptures on hand. We paired the totems w/ a selection of Robert Kuo vases which have the same vibrant colors and geometric shapes as the totems and were a perfect fit. Our embroidered tablecloth fabric selection was a new introduction from sponsoring vendor Brunschwig & Fils, which again, continued the theme.

Lori Miller for Hope Lodge, Vista Alegre
Design by Lori Miller.

Lori Miller: This year we went back to Vista Alegre for our china—not only for their fabulous selections but also for their customer service and generosity in participating. Daniel Silva and his team are amazing to work with. Our workroom this year was The Work Room, Inc. and their talent in making our Thibaut fabric into a gorgeous table covering is undeniable. Our Kim Seybert Pagoda napkin rings looked fabulous against the backdrop. With that said, I have to give a special thank you to The Pie Shoppe in Hicksville, NY. Spiro worked with us closely to achieve the replication of our drawing and succeeded far beyond our imagination. It is certainly a team effort to gather 29 Designers all with different ideas and create a room as spectacular as the efforts of those who help at Hope Lodge and The Team at Guillaume Gentet for putting this together.

Courtney McLeod: Vista Alegre and Mottahedeh were so generous in helping us complete our tables.

Calder Design Group: The vendor who really came through for us two years in a row is Robert Allen. Their

Ivelisse de leon
Design by Ivelissa De Leon.

generosity for donating all of the fabric selections is amazing!

Ivelisse De Leon: This is my second year designing a table for Hope Lodge NYC. I was thrilled to partner with amazing vendors that offer quality products and excellent customer service: Thibaut, Samuel & Sons, Robert Allen Duralee Design Group, Sahola Floral Art & Event Design, The Work Room, Inc. and Vista Alegre. For me, they're not just vendors, they are friendships and relationships I build with the brands before and after my collaboration. It was a magical night.

Kristen McCory: I choose Harlequin for my tablescape. They are a company I love and tend to use a lot throughout my residential projects and they always satisfy!

Design by Courtney McLeod
Design by Courtney McLeod.
Design by Lori Miller
Design by Lori Miller.

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