December 27, 2017

MASHStudio's Introduces READYMADE: A Collection of Inventive Office Furniture

MASHStudios' READYMADE collection incorporates materials, styles, and elements that we see as classic solutions to common design challenges.

by New York Spaces

Narrative Capital Office.
Readymade A-Frame Desk.

NYS: What are you most recognized for?

MASHStudios: We are best known for our branded and affordably customized office furniture as well as the way we are able to strike the balance between producing unique products for clients at a variety of different scales and project sizes.

Our clients also recognize MASHstudios for a streamlined and quicker process for customized pieces. We love telling the branded story and doing a deep dive into many of the world's most exciting office projects. But sometimes you need to get to work faster so shorter turnaround times, good prices, and style is something we also aim to deliver.

NYS: What separates your customized branded office furniture from others in the marketplace?

MASHStudios: We offer our clients the ability to design a unique product that speaks to their brand culture in a way that is highly personalized. Our new Readymade collection, for instance, offers an online configurator to help bring individual design visions to life. Anyone can use it and it provides users the ability to build their own solutions, share designs, and discover designer resources for the A&D community. We want to make desks more exciting and allowing clients to be involved with their solution is a big step.

NYS: What kind of customized furniture do you create? Tell us about some of your most innovative solutions?

readymade trestle conference table
Readymade Trestle Conferance Table.

MASHStudios: Many of our projects are considered I.P. and we cannot share them. One we can talk about are these two really innovative freestanding conference rooms designed for Dollar Shave Club's new headquarters. We needed to create a solution that could be pre-assembled and tested at our manufacturing facility, flat-packed and perfectly reassembled on site without any significant metal work.

It featured a tubular steel frame, two sliding doors, integrated lighting, and an arched hallway frame with leather banquet seating on the exterior. All materials reflected the brand and provided a multi-functional structure that could be repositioned and even disassembled to move if needed. These types of structures are the kind of unique solutions many manufacturers can't offer due to the complex and custom nature of the design.

NYS: Tell us about a bit more about the upcoming product line. What can we expect from it?

MASHStudios: READYMADE is a collection of component-based desk and work surface elements that provides users the freedom to customize their own product and receive it in a shortened timeline to our regular studio process. It's a condensed offering of our favorite workstation styles that will rotate yearly.

NYS: What is the most important design aspect when it comes to office furniture?

Readymade Mashstudios
A-Frame Desk in a private office.

MASHStudios: Timeless design that never goes out of style paired with functionality and ease of use.

NYS: What are you working on now?

MASHStudios: We are working on our ICFF design story and opening our NYC design studio. MASHstudios has its roots in NYC back when our founder Bernard Brucha lived there early on in his career so we are excited to get back in 2018!

NYS: Tell us about the collection you are about to unveil. What can we expect from it?

MASHStudios: The READYMADE collection incorporates materials, styles, and elements that we see as classic solutions to common design challenges. This includes hard woods and strong metals that are easy to install and built to last.

We are excited to launch these seven signature leg styles in 2017 and looking forward to a busy 2018 introducing soft goods, sit/stand solutions and more through the collection.

MASHstudios has over 5500 projects for the worlds biggest brands under its belt. We want to keep telling that story and a part of it is listening to our clients needs for this READYMADE solution.

We never lose the MASH style of service. Even though READYMADE is standard product we always provide clients the opportunity to collaborate and get creative, it's in our MASH DNA. We welcome clients to explore electrical, work surface materials and more with our design team. These calibrations are also what will continue to inspire the collection. We have a real-time pulse on the workspace world and are excited to open our doors even more with the READYMADE Collection.

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