November 10, 2017

Magness Design Teams with Promemoria for Holiday House 2017

Sarah Magness creates a high-rolling English Gentleman's game room dubbed Casino Royale at Holiday House NYC 2017. The show house is open from November 14th through December 6, 2018.

by New York Spaces

Holiday House Rendering by Magness Design
Rendering by Mangess Design for Holiday House.
Sarah Magness of Mangess Design
Sarah Magness.

NYS: What is your eponymous company, Magness Design, known for?

Sarah Magness of Magness Design: The company is known for maintaining a strong foundation in the classical tradition with a forward approach to the modern lifestyle.

NYS: We are intrigued by your Casino Royale theme for this year's Holiday House New York! What inspired it?

Sarah Magness: I recently returned from the Promemoria factory in Como Italy and I was inspired by their fabulous custom bar that had a similar mood and excitement as the movie Casino Royale. I decided to use that as a jumping off point to create an experience where guests will feel transported back in time and has a new experience at this year's holiday house.

NYS: Why is participating in Holiday House important? Is there a particularly unique way you believe it brings attention to the cause?

Sarah Magness: The Holiday House is a wonderful event and it's message is dear to me. I lost an aunt to cancer and I love that I can participate in the show house and give back as well.

NYS: What are some of the design details you are implementing to bring forth a Casino Royale atmosphere?

Sarah Magness: The room is inspired by the film, set specifically in a private club game room. The aesthetic is deco with rich golds, deep browns and lush burgundies. We are also designing a game table for poker, backgammon, and chess as well as a console table that can be converted into a blackjack table. The main attraction however is the custom bar that comes equipped with all the tools necessary to make the perfect shaken (not stirred) martini for all the James Bond fans.

NYS: We understand you will actually have a 13-foot-long martini bar and a blackjack table! Tell us more!

Sarah Magness: Yes, we plan to be the hit of the party! We have a blackjack dealer, a cigarette girl, and martinis shaken to order. How can you go wrong?

NYS: We love the Promemoria coffee table you used, tell us about it!

Sarah Magness: The table is one of my favorites from Promemoria's collection. For the show house and to celebrate our holiday of New Year's Eve, we thought to implement one of Promemoria's new design techniques using brass inlays to create a specific pattern. The pattern chosen was a constellation of the night sky over Lake Como, (near the Promemoria headquarters) on News Year Eve.

NYS: How did you implement the idea of a holiday room while giving it a masculine feel?

Sarah Magness: The room we were assigned already feels very masculine with the wood paneling and it reminded me of the Private Gentleman's Clubs in London. The obvious choice to me was to celebrate with a Casino theme on New Years Eve. Although its tailored for men, it's a game room for everyone to enjoy.

NYS: Tell us about the color palette! We love the gold-leaf wallpaper!

Sarah Magness: The color palette is rich golds, deep browns and lush burgundy. The room is one of the darkest within the house so to liven it up and give it a more playful atmosphere, I decided to paper the ceiling in gold leaf. The fabrics are rich velvets, refined silks and mohairs mixed with beautiful, exotic woods and stone.

NYS: What are some of your favorite pieces that you implemented into the design of the space?

Sarah Magness: My favorite is by far the bar. It was the piece that inspired the room design and holiday concept.

NYS: What do you most love about your room for Holiday House?

Sarah Magness: I love that my room is welcoming and playful. All my interiors have a purpose to them. I don't like to design spaces that will not be used. I hope those that visit my room will experience the space by playing a game of chess, sipping on cocktail or enjoying the lounge seating by the fireplace.

NYS: What has been one of the most rewarding moments from working on Holiday House?

Sarah Magness: I am truly thankful to Iris Danker, Promemoria, Holland & Sherry, Pierre Frey and the vendors that helped to make the room a reality. The room is completely custom and required an immense attention to detail from everyone involved in order to make it come together in time for the opening.

NYS: What are you working on now?

Sarah Magness: Currently I am excited to be completing a horse farm in Long Island and a villa in Tuscany; and look forward to my upcoming projects in Palm Beach and Princeton.

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