June 27, 2017

Martin Kesselman's Highly-Anticipated Paint Showroom, INCOLOUR, Opens in TriBeCa

Designers and design lovers take note: Martin Kessleman's highly-curated INCOLOUR showroom of fine paints opens in TriBeCa's burgeoning design district.

by New York Spaces

Martin Kesselman's INCOLOUR
Martin Kesselman's INCOLOUR Showroom.
Martin Kessellman
Martin Kesselman.

NYS: We are so excited to hear you have opened a new showroom...

Martin Kesselman: Thank you. I'm truly excited as well. As you know, this has been something I always imagined for myself and my clients, for a long time now. I wanted to create a meeting space where designers, architects, and color enthusiasts alike, can visit, use my color tools, borrow my eye if they wish, and also purchase the highest quality materials.

NYS: What inspired you to open it in that specific area?

Martin Kesselman: The space is located in the Eastern portion of TriBeCa, on the corner of Walker and Lafayette. It's a newly branded stretch of blocks, which didn't exist until recently. Ultimately, neighborhoods are sprawling out, especially the flourishing ones. Bortolami Gallery and Alexander & Bonin Gallery share our block. Todd Merrill and David Weeks are a hop, skip, and a jump away, to name a few studios. There is a little art/design coalition forming. I'm happy to be a part of it, as an enthusiast and as an entrepreneur .

NYS: Why will interior designers and design-savvy homeowners love it?

Martin Kesselman's INCOLOUR
INCOLOUR Showroom.

Martin Kesselman: The thing that I love about designers architects, and New Yorkers overall, is that they are not only talented, but brilliant. I feel lucky to be part of a community of people that I can learn from and collaborate with. I built a big center island, where two, or ten of us, can toss renderings, plans, inspiration, fabrics, photos on the table and chat. I'm encouraging everyone to bring their clients, use it as a meeting place, especially if they are interested in finishes INCOLOUR.

NYS: We love the idea of a paint showroom in a gallery-like setting! What advantage does this yield?

Martin Kesselman: What advantage do I have opening a space like this, a gallery-style storefront? Showing less paint tins and accessories upfront and having them tucked away behind a pocket door in a separate room. None! It seems from a quick glance that I have less stuff to offer. That being said, and kidding aside, I have the largest color library in NYC and at the same time I think I have put together the best of the best, of color, paint materials, and supplies. It's my own little dream team of sorts. I like to call it curated retail. I still have it all, from what you need from start-to-finish of a project, brushes, and more. Just a little less noise, a little more filtered and curated. The focus here is good tunes in the background and quality. It's not the best use of space from a retail perspective, but the energy matches mine, it feels right. I wanted the space to be airy, welcoming, and have value. I strongly believe that it does.

NYS: What does the showroom offer in terms of color consultation?

Martin Kesselman: I offer my expertise as the "color guy", which is not very different than what I have done previously, working independently, or part of design teams in the same capacity. I am an interior designer whose specialty is color. I will still do site visits, take meetings in A&D's offices, do in-home color consults etc... I thought creating this space I could offer some complementary services, products, and color tools and it would be well received. My showroom is somewhere you can walk in and get immediate attention and help from a design professional.

NYS: Tell us about your bespoke Farrow & Ball white "Elliyah"?

Martin Kesselman's INCOLOUR
Martin Kesselman's INCOLOUR Showroom.

Martin Kesselman: By far the question I'm asked the most is what a perfect white or neutral entails. Many of my clients live in metropolitan spaces. The idea was to come up with something that complements their art. Something bold-eyed, beautifully-toned. with nuance and balance in all types of light, both natural and lamp-lit. A colour that can be used in modern crisp line, or in contrast in a more traditional space. It's a white at the end of the day, nothing short of it. I wanted to make certain it was not institutional or stark. I wanted it to be livable, clean, fresh, inviting, and elegant. The Farrow & Ball material absorbs light, glows from behind, I was able to create a very consistent color which was important to me. The intention was not to blow your socks off, that would be glaring. I wanted to create a white that would be a great equal partner to all the other elements of a design and architecture.

NYS: What do you love about Benjamin Moore's Century?

Martin Kesselman: Century... now that's right in my wheelhouse. Benjamin Moore describes it as having been created with the designer in mind. I couldn't agree more. I play in the absolutes. I love strong statements and fashion-forward interiors. I rarely design in the mid-tone range. This caters to my saturated side. I'm a romantic, that's the fine artist in me. This pallet speaks to that, the colors run deep. I'm really fond of the green and blue jewel tones. That's what jumps off the hand-brushed chart for me. You can see it, you can feel it when you run your hand over it, with it's soft touch matte. I encourage color. Ordinary is not an option for me. I don't see myself doing feature walls in it. That's not really my bag. I expect to create a lively living experience with Century and I am excited to rock and roll with it.

What are some other favorite brands and colors that you carry?

Martin Kesselman: INCOLOUR carries Benjamin Moore, the complete palette. We feature their latest Century line of paints, Farrow & Ball paints and my recently released Bespoke Farrow & Ball white Elliyah, Fine Paints of Europe, Donald Kaufman Color, and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

INCOLOUR is located at 100 Lafayette Street at the corner of Walker Street; 917.639.3437.

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