September 6, 2017

Nasiri Carpets' New York Design Center Showroom is Chock-Full of Unique Designs and Inspiration

Nader Nasiri translates his knowledge of ancient weaving techniques into the creation of custom and unique designs, including Persian Ziegler Sultanabad, Tabriz, and Bakshaish rugs.

by New York Spaces

Nasiri Carpets
Nasiri Carpets
Nader of Nasiri
Nader of Nasiri Carpets.

NYS: What made you move your showroom to the NYDC?

Nader of Nasiri Carpets: We have been scoping out a spot in the NYDC for a while, but we were waiting for the right space in the building. It's just a couple blocks away from our current space and we liked the idea of staying somewhere nearby. We didn't want to rush into anything but rather wanted the transition to happen naturally. When a suitable space finally opened up, everything else also started to fall in place and we knew it was the right time to make a move. There are many reputable companies in the NYDC and we wanted to be amongst them. Jim Druckman, the owner of the NYDC, is very supportive of the design community and fosters a collaborative environment that we want to be a part of.

NYS: What can repeat and new clients expect from the new showroom?

We created a beautiful and functional space where our clients can come in and feel inspired—a very minimal, gallery-like feel displaying our newest pieces and the back custom area with a vast library of samples to browse through. We are constantly working to bring about new ideas and products to keep our clients continuously satisfied. At the end of the day, we do this for our clients and it's important that they are always happy with our services. We do not compromise that for anything and it's important for them to understand that we want to help make their vision come to life and build a lifelong working relationship.

NYS: What is NASIRI most well-known for?

Throughout the years, we transitioned from beginning as dealers of antique carpets and have translated thus knowledge of ancient weaving techniques into the creation of unique pieces, including Persian Ziegler Sultanabad, Tabriz, and Bakshaish rugs. We offer complete custom recreations of all varieties of carpets. Our modern collections, although very clean lines and minimal, are created using ancient techniques keeping this constant flow between old and new. We are a boutique rug company that emphasizes originality and quality in every single piece. This translates beyond mere carpet artistry, but rather turns them into heirloom pieces that have a rich root and can be passed down from generation to generation.

NYS: Tell us about NASIRI's new path experimenting with texture. What kind of effects have you been creating and how?

Nasiri Carpets
Nasiri Carpets.

We are constantly experimenting with different textures and patterns. Our cotton fusion collection intertwines silk accents adding a beautiful sheen to the rug giving it a soft, yet edgy look. We have also been creating rugs with wool, goat hair, and cotton to achieve depth and character. Something important to us is creating eco-friendly products. All of our rugs are organic, using no machines and only utilizing natural dyes so that they are not hazardous and maintain kid and animal friendly.

NYS: We love your use of color and pattern. Tell us about the different collections that best exemplify these attributes.

Our Mazandaran and Pelas Collections demonstrate almost every color on the spectrum. They are such fun collections that combine colors and patterns you wouldn't normally imagine together but then look so beautiful in person. These rugs act as statement pieces that really set the mood of the entire room. These collections are really popular amongst our designers—they love them. Although we keep current market trends of color and design in mind, our use of color and patterns are unique to our brand.

NYS: We love that you're expanding your custom capabilities. What can interior designers expect?

We only carry very unique, one-of-a-kind pieces in stock because for the most part, designers have really specific criteria since they are limited by the size and furniture of the space in which they are working. We continue to focus more and more on customization because this way the client gets exactly what he/she wants. We offer complete custom recreations of all varieties of carpets. We offer advanced customization without sacrificing quality. Our designers receive bespoke service with endless options for size, color, weave, texture, and design. We use natural organic dyes and materials to produce the finest quality of handmade carpets. We work endlessly with our designers until they are completely satisfied. We have made our custom section very user-friendly - sorted by color, design, material—making it very easy for designers to find exactly what they are searching for. Since we are our own manufacturer, we are able to ensure consistency of color, texture, and a quick lead time.

NYS: What are some of your favorite collections and why?

Of course the antiques are very prized because we started off as an antique dealer. The amount of intricacy and unmatched beauty in each piece tells its own story making it invaluable. It's always hard to part ways with them, but glad they are going to a beautiful space for someone else to appreciate.

However, over the years NASIRI started to lean toward simplicity—the "less is more" outlook which is demonstrated in our flatweaves. It's hard to choose favorites because each collection has extraordinary pieces. Our Mazandaran Collection has a rich history making it stand out and very special. It highlights the minimal sophistication that existed long before the modern era. The collection was inspired by the kilims that were woven by Irani women in the Mazandaran Province in northwest of Iran just below the Caspian Sea. These rugs were being woven for hundreds of years, but were only recently discovered about 15 years ago because there were solely created for in-house use and bridal dowries rather than selling to the general public. We honor this rich tradition by applying the same ancient techniques and methods in our rugs and also carrying some of the original vintage and antique pieces.

NYS: What are you working on now?

We are constantly expanding on our current collections by being innovative with our designs and playing around with various weaving techniques. An Art Deco Collection is in the works. We have always loved that period and living in a city with some of the most iconic art-deco buildings, the architectural style is so inspiring. It's such a fluid and timeless style that works well in our modern day.

Aside from our hand-woven and hand-knotted carpets, we have now started offering broadloom. We will continue coming up with designs that will distinguish ourselves from other rug manufacturers. We are also working to team up with GoodWeave and become licensed importers. We want our clients to know that we do not advocate child labor and any other types of exploitation. With growing groups of socially conscious consumers, we want everyone to know that our brand is one that can be fully trusted.

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