August 7, 2017

Navigate Design Announces Expansion with New York City Office

Toronto-based architecture and design firm opens first location in the U.S. this month in Chelsea, Manhattan's up-and-coming design hub.

by New York Spaces

Navigate Design
Asifa Tirmizi; Maher Murshed; Ken Lam.
Navigate Design NYC office
Navigate Design's NYC Studio.

NYS: What made you decide to open an office in New York City?

Navigate Design: We view the New York City market as open minded and trendsetting for the rest of the world. This expansion will allow our team to continue pushing the boundaries of creative architecture and open the door to innovative new projects

NYS: Will you have Toronto clients "navigate" to design in NYC?

Navigate Design: Absolutely, if we have current or future Toronto-based clients who will need design services in the US, we will have the flexibility to offer services to them in both locations.

NYS: What is your firm known for? What kind of projects do you foresee working on in New York?

Navigate Design: We are known for hospitality, retail and residential, and we will continue to push for similar project types in New York City.

Navigate Design's NYC Studio
Navigate Design's NYC Studio.

NYS: What are you working on now?

Navigate Design: We are working on some exciting new restaurant spaces, a unique product showroom with an F&B component, a new retail medical office, and a handful of residential projects. As well, we are currently conceptualizing a one-month pop up in the heart of NYC, to be unveiled in the near future!

NYS: What are defining factors in your restaurant designs? How do they differ per city?

Navigate Design: Our expertise and passion in F&B defines us really. We speak the same language as restaurateurs, operators and chefs. Our integrated graphics design, art and styling from brand to space, is truly unique to our design approach. Right from the start, as we create the brand for a restaurant, we are thinking ahead how elements can be incorporated into soft goods (menu, uniforms) and interiors.

NYS: What would a dream restaurant design project be in NYC?

Navigate Design: A dream restaurant would be a signature hotel restaurant with a celebrity chef. Integrating into a hotel space provides us a lot of opportunity to brand the retreatant for a specific crowd, with specific aesthetics. Blending well with the hotel design (if the hotel is not designed by us) could be an exciting collaboration on its own, and we love a challenge!
Navigate Design's NYC Studio.

NYS: Who will helm the New York City office?

Navigate Design: At the helm of Navigate Design's New York City office is Asifa Tirmizi, an industry guru who has over 15 years of experience working in all aspects of the design industry in New York. Tirmizi will serve as Managing Partner for the firm, operating as lead designer on all projects and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the business. Additionally, she will be responsible for leading business development and will be a key asset in expanding Navigate Design's presence in the city

NYS: What brought about the partnership with Tirmizi?

Navigate Design: We were introduced to Asifa through a mutual colleague, there was an immediate alignment of future goals, design aesthetics and personalities, so a great fit for both parties.

NYS: What is your team as a whole most excited about?

Navigate Design: We are excited for the opportunity to further our capabilities, offering our expertise for integrated design packages to the hospitality, retail, and residential sectors within the city and beyond.

Navigate Design's NYC Studio
Navigate Design's NYC Studio

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