August 11, 2017

One Kings Lane's Sophisticated Playroom Makeover for Actress Lucy Liu's Son

Nicole Fisher of The Studio at One Kings Lane designed a multi-surface, comfortably chic playroom that promotes creativity and comfort for Rockwell, Lucy Liu's son.

by New York Spaces interior designer Nicole Fisher for The Studio at One Kings Lane photographer Joe Schmelzer

LUcy Liu and her son Rockwell
Lucy Liu and her son Rockwell; Styled by Alyssa Lewis; Produced by Niki Dankner.
Lucy Liu
Nicole Fisher for The Studio at One Kings Lane and Lucy Liu.

NYS: We absolutely loved how actress Lucy Liu's playroom for her son Rockwell turned out! What was her directive? How did The Studio at One Kings Lane fulfill their wishes? What was the process like?

Nicole Fisher: Lucy's direction was primarily focused on Rockwell and his artistic creativity. She wanted to give him the opportunity to use multiple surfaces for art, magnets and paint. I took this idea of multiple surfaces and went smaller scale with everything I included. The room has so many surfaces for him and his friends to explore, sit, read, and of course, be creative. I even incorporated a showcase spot for him to take him creations and hang them up for display, easily swapped in and out as he creates new things.

Nicole Fisher: Tell us about what inspired the design?

Nicole Fisher: Creativity, comfort, and practicality inspired the design. While it had to be functional for Rockwell and his interests, it had to be comfortable with soft corners throughout, and it had to be practical for Lucy and other moms that come over for a playdate. Thus, this sophisticated playroom was born!

Lucy Liu's playroom by one kings lane
Styled by Alyssa Lewis; Produced by Niki Dankner.

NYS: What design tricks did you incorporate to make it not only child-friendly but sophisticated?

Nicole Fisher: I used Crypton fabrics on the main seating because of its high performance against stains, spills and odors. You would never know this was a performance fabric! It's multitude of colors in the tweed-like finish make it so soft and luxe, but it happens to stand up to it all. Additionally, all surfaces are soft or rounded here to prevent any accidents while the kids are running around. From the natural side tables, to the center ottoman, to the play table (that was an apartment sized coffee table), to the storage Oeuf console table, all the edges are safe. The sophistication came in with the muted color palette, and the vintage elements. Often times playrooms are full of new items. Here, I incorporated some of Lucy's finds throughout her travels, and many vintage pieces, including the two beautiful rugs, to breathe a sense of life and story into the space. These pieces elevated the sophistication factor dramatically.

NYS: Can every item you sourced by found in store or both in-stores and online?

Nicole Fisher: Ninety percent of the items are available or will be available at! For the vintage pieces, our team does a great job of offering a similar product to give you the same look.

Lucy Liu's OKL Playroom
Styled by Alyssa Lewis; Produced by Niki Dankner.

NYS: We love that it does not look like a typical playroom. What tips would you give our readers trying to think outside the box but yet keeping it functional and beautiful?

Nicole Fisher: Invest in pieces your kids can grow with! The vintage rugs and Crypton chairs are pieces Rockwell will enjoy for years to come because of its ability to be cleaned and their functionality. The smaller pieces like ottomans, play tables (they'll draw on), or chairs they'll grow out of are easy places to save since they won't have a long lifespan. The other piece of advice is think outside the typical primary colors. Think about a space you, as an adult, would want to hang out in, and grow it from there. There's nothing wrong with incorporating a place you can enjoy yourself while the kids play!

NYS: Kids are kids... what designs did you incorporate to serve as storage and how did you keep it all kid-friendly?

Nicole Fisher: There are three Oeuf storage pieces. Two of them serve as art storage and are positioned to lean

lucy liu playroom by okl
Styled by Alyssa Lewis; Produced by Niki Dankner.

out for easy access. This incorporates paint, crayons, markers, paper, coloring books, magnets, etc all in their own labeled bins. The other larger piece serves as more traditional, open storage with doors and bins organized with trucks and toys. Here, everything has a place and it's eye level so Rockwell can learn where things go and how to access them himself.

NYS: What was the best part of working with Lucy and her son?

Nicole Fisher: The best part about working with Lucy and Rockwell was their excitement for the project! She is so lovely and was enthusiastic about making it a beautiful space for her and her family.

NYS: Where can our readers find your designers? How are clients and designers paired up?

Here you can find information about the design services we offer and to book for free consultation. Clients are paired with our experienced designers to execute a beautiful space fusing their style and the OKL expertise.

NYS: What are you working on now?

Nicole Fisher: I have several projects in the works for Fall, but can't quite share yet... Stay tuned!

NYS: What types of services do One Kings Lane's in-house designers offer clients?

Nicole Fisher: Our in-house designers offer clients a full service experience from concept to purchasing and ensuring your room turned out just the way we intended. Depending on the scope of your project, our clients can get the same service as Lucy Liu and our other makeover partners, executing a space from start to finish, including installation and photography!

lucy liu playroom okl
Styled by Alyssa Lewis; Produced by Niki Dankner.

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