August 28, 2017

Paris Ceramics, in the A&D Building, is a Luxe Resource for Tile, Stone, Mosaics and More

Paris Ceramics is the ultimate resources for luxurious tile, stone, mosaics, and wood flooring, sourcing materials from exotic locales across the globe.

by Kaitlin Clark

Left and right: Malachite mosaic in a stunning emerald green hue will make a bold statement; Traditional Palm Frond pattern, with tiles sourced from across the world—from Italy to the Middle East—complete the mosaic.


paris ceramics
Lapis Lazuli, the beautiful shade of blue, has been a highly coveted
stone since the Middle Ages and often reserved for royalty.

IT IS NO EASY FEAT to discover a flooring or backsplash pattern that is chic, sturdy, and sure to outlast design fads, but Paris Ceramics has streamlined and simplified the search. With showrooms peppered across the nation's most glamorous and discerning city centers, the stable of high-quality resources, both modern and antique, is as close to endless as you can get.

"We source our products from all over the world," says Richard Abbott, the company's founder. "I have people that I work with in the South of France, who source all of the French antiques to make sure we get the best. I go to Spain to get the antique marble and to Israel to find other incredible material."

Antique Bourgogne undercut wall cladding is perfect for exteriors.
Antique Bourgogne undercut wall cladding is perfect for exteriors.

With materials, both old and new, the showrooms provide options for every aesthetic, and mixing and matching time periods, Abbott finds, is quite easy.

French Ceramic Bronze Paris Ceramics
French ceramic mirror bronze tiles, which are red and glazed with
traditional iridescent and metallic colors.

"A lot of our antique stone is quite at home in a contemporary space," he says. "Limestone in a modern home is very popular; people are looking for something a little less traditional. They want a cleaner line, but they still want something that has character and that they don't tire of."

British-born Abbott began his career restoring historic churches and grand homes across Europe and was shocked to find that many of the rich materials were being discarded. He has been searching the world for extraordinary materials ever since. With Abbott's antique stones, you could literally live like a lord, or at least with a lord's flooring.

Of his design philosophy, Abbott muses, "I only supply materials that are timeless and have soul."

paris ceramics
Antique tile pattern reminiscent of the famed arches in Córdoba, Spain.
Grey and white geometric patterns in reclaimed encaustic offer a neutral palette
Grey and white geometric patterns in reclaimed encaustic offer a neutral palette.
hammered stone from paris ceramics
Hammered German silver tile is hand-finished with a customized selection of copper, brass and silver.

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