January 30, 2018

Pawscout: An Innovative Gadget for Your Furry Friend

Pawscout can—among many other perks—help dog lovers track their pet, personalize their pet's profile, track dog walks, and map dog-friendly businesses.

by New York Spaces



Pawscout is an innovative gadget to protect your furry friend/s if they wander away from home. You can even personalize your pets profile, track dog walks, and map friendly businesses. Some of the perks are listed below!

  • Alerts owners via Bluetooth on mobile app if a pet gets out of the house or yard
  • Alerts all users in the area if your pet goes missing
  • Keeps a digital profile of medical records, owner information, behavioral issues, etc.
  • Helps users find local vets, groomers, pet-friendly restaurants, and more.

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