July 17, 2017

Piet Boon Transforms an Art Deco Commercial Building into a Luxury Residential Gem

Dutch designer Piet Boon applies a deft hand to the luxury residential Lower Manhattan development and Art Deco architectural gem, 101 Wall Street.

by New York Spaces

101 Wall Street Kitchen
101 Wall Street.

NYS: We are excited to hear you worked on 101 Wall Street. How were you tapped to design on the luxury condominium residences?

Piet Boon: 101 Wall Street is such a unique building and we are honored to have been part of its transformation. You might say good things come in three, 101 Wall Street being the third major luxury residential development and second repurpose project, after Huys on 404 Park Avenue South and Oosten in Williamsburg, we got to work on in New York over the last six years. The first two projects helped us to establish a specific and proven track record in the Big Apple. We are happy that The Claremont Group recognized our added value to a project and decided to contact us. Next to our design philosophy of balancing functionality, aesthetics and individuality that appeals to clients, our background in construction enables us to act as a discussion partner to all stakeholders involved. We know what we're doing.

NYS: Did you tailor the design around the building's Art Deco construction? How so?

Piet Boon: Definitely! Like I said the building is so unique, an architectural gem really. To do nothing with its beauty would have been a missed opportunity. Buildings like these don't present themselves that often you know, let alone ones that go by the nickname "wedding cake". But besides that we always consider the site environment, history, and the clients' interest as key factors for our designs. With our design for 101 Wall we wanted to create a new presence in Lower Manhattan by transforming a commercial building into an exclusive and sophisticated residential building for a design-savvy audience. Drawing inspiration from the building's architectural language, we chose to preserve its rich Art Deco features and seamlessly blend these with our own contemporary design aesthetic. We also included innovative solutions and high-quality materials and finishes in order to create a unique living space. We wanted the heritage of the building, its geometric lines, subtle decorations on the façade, and brass elements to echo throughout the entire interior design throughout.

Piet Boon 101 Wall Street.
101 Wall Street.

NYS: How did you incorporate the proximity of downtown's waterfront esplanade into the design?

Piet Boon: As a result of 101 Wall's location, we embraced and accommodated the abundance of natural light coming from the waterfront in our design and layout. Light always plays an important role in our designs because we feel it enriches the total living experience. With its location as a corner building, we were able to highlight the views which became a key design factor in the layout of each apartment.

NYS: What renovations did you make to freshen up the building and bring it into a modern era while keeping the elegant nature of its past?

Piet Boon: As much as we could, we preserved all the Art Deco details in the building, particularly at the entrance. The elements showcasing a bronze finish are also repeated within the more modern touches throughout the building such as in the lighting. The angular nature of Art Deco elements were applied in the ceiling details along the corridor, the door designs, and in our traditional high baseboards with a step down as a nod to the period nature of the building.

NYS: Materials? Color palette?

Piet Boon: To brighten up the interiors we kept the palettes quite neutral for the interior of the residences. Light grey herringbone floors add a touch of modernity to a classic look. We combined them with white walls which connect often to open kitchens with carrara marble counter tops. Master Bathrooms continue with the white carrara marble accents to bring a clean and refined experience. Secondary bathrooms are warm and inviting with a neutral cream palette accented with slight finish variances for subtle decorative accents in the ceramic tiles.

NYS: Tell us about the design of the one-to-four-bedroom condos! What materials and amenities did you incorporate into the design?

Piet Boon: Materials are mentioned above. Some apartments have balconies that extend onto the stepped back Art Deco articulation of the building. As always, we try to incorporate as much built-in storage into our designs and space for effortless living. The stepped-back articulated plinth detail continues into the apartments.

NYS: How did you play up the interiors views?

Piet Boon: The architecture of the windows was renovated to be more open and residential in feeling. From the interior we kept the window frames dark to accent the views from the clean white interior of the apartments.

NYS: Tell us about what design elements you applied to the lobby?

Piet Boon's 101 Wall Street
101 Wall Street.

Piet Boon: The lobby was all about highlighting the original Art Deco details and providing a bright and welcoming entrance for the residents. True to the nature of the apartments, we kept the materials neutral with accents in bronze to reflect back to the original details. For instance, the lighting fixtures at the entry which guide the resident through feature a bronze finish. The 3D wallpaper behind the concierge desk and the antique bronze mirror at the end of the entry corridor echo this idea as well.

NYS: What were some of the original decorative interior elements that you preserved?

Piet Boon: The elevator doors were the key feature we preserved.

NYS: What has been one of your favorite aspects of working on 101 Wall Street?

Piet Boon: There were a lot of things that made 101 Wall such a great project. From being able to work with the Claremont Group and the incredible 101 Wall team, to the uniqueness of the building, and shouldering the responsibility for honoring its beauty—it was an amazing journey.

NYS: When will 101 Wall Street be completely finished?

Piet Boon: Buyers have already moved into the building.

NYS: What are you working on next?

Piet Boon: Quite a lot actually! At the moment we are working on various projects around the world varying from a Park Hyatt hotel in Hanoi Vietnam, a beach villa on the Caribbean island of Bonaire, a very high-end hotel in Amsterdam, and a residential development project in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. On top of that, we are working on new furniture items to add to our furniture line, a new kitchen concept, tableware, and many other exciting things. We will definitely keep you posted!

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