January 12, 2016

Q&A With Multi-Disciplinary Designer Stacy Garcia

New York-based designer Stacy Garcia answers our questions on her eponymous global lifestyle brand collective. The design house produces collections of textiles, wall coverings, furniture, lighting and accessories.

by New York Spaces

Stacy Garcia Paper Muse
Stacy Garcia, Paper Muse
Stacy Garcia
Stacy Garcia

NYS: How did you get your start in the design world?

Stacy Garcia: I began my professional career first as an intern selecting color palettes and then as a freelance designer assisting in product development for Ralph Lauren's Home Collection. Working for Ralph Lauren Home was an eye-opening experience, as I was able to get a critical glimpse into the world of licensing.

It was in 2004 that I created Stacy Garcia Inc., a global lifestyle brand collective. Today the design house produces inspired product collections across a number of markets and in categories including textiles, wallcovering, furniture, lighting and accessories.

NYS: I know you are a chair holder at Color Marketing Group, how does your involvement impact your forecasting process at Stacy Garcia Inc.?

We have adopted a similar forecasting process that we use at Color Marketing Group, but have tailored it specific to our business. Color Marketing Group provides great color insight for multiple market segments, where we are able to look at both micro and macro color and design trends.

Stacy Garcia, Calabasas Stool
Stacy Garcia, Calabasas Stool

NYS: What is the current color and trend forecast?

Stacy Garcia: We are seeing product and color influenced by the 1970's. The relaxed, free-spirited nature of that era has taken hold in the fashion industry and has quickly moved towards interiors as well. The bold, raw and globally fueled design elements feel spot on for the climate of today.

We are also loving mineral tones; think Rose & Smokey Quartz, Jade and Calcite.

NYS: While you are at the forefront of color forecasting, you also design textiles, flooring, wall covering, and furniture collections! How did you get your start designing products?

Stacy Garcia: I have a formal training and a degree in surface pattern design. I am a product designer first, trend-forecaster second. Expanding the line from 2D product to 3D product was a defining moment for the brand.

Stacy Garcia
Stacy Garcia

NYS: Are they all sold under the Stacy Garcia brand or do you partner with certain companies?

Stacy Garcia: We are a licensed brand, so I collaborate with a number of companies to create products. All products are designed under our three brands, Stacy Garcia | New York, Stacy Garcia Commercial and Stay by Stacy Garcia.

NYS: What are the advantages to partnering and who are some of your partners?

Stacy Garcia: We pair our expertise in design with manufacturers who are the best at what they do. Most recently, we have partnered with and designed for such companies as Bernhardt, Brintons, The Mohawk Group, Townsend Leather, D'style and York Wallcoverings.

NYS: What are you currently working on today?

Stacy Garcia: We are working on a Stacy Garcia | New York residential textile collection that is set to launch in early 2017.

Stacy Garcia
Stacy Garcia

NYS: Do you have a particular fondness for one (flooring, textiles etc.) over the other? We love your wallpaper and fabrics!

Stacy Garcia: Each product comes with its own set of design challenges, and therefore we always have fun designing and navigating around these obstacles to create unique products. We style our fabrics and wallpaper to layer together in an eclectic way.

NYS: What are your favorite collections from each?

Stacy Garcia: Our Stacy Garcia | New York Calabasas furniture collection is one of my favorite collections at the moment. Also, loving our Paper Muse Collection for York Wallcoverings.

NYS: What is one of the most inspiring design jobs you have had?

Stacy garcia, paper muse
Stacy Garcia, Paper Muse

Stacy Garcia: I find inspiration in all of the projects we work on, but we recently finished designing a space at Holiday House 2015. We transformed the second story hallway and vestibule of the historic Academy Mansion into a meditation space incorporating touch, scent, sight and sound.

The focus of the install was how to highlight small spaces. We used our Aquarella wallpaper for York Wallcovering as a feature wall. Don't be afraid to use bold pattern in small spaces!

NYS: What is the most far-flung location you have designed a hotel or restaurant in? What was the experience like?

Stacy Garcia: Our products are distributed all over the world—everywhere from A-Z, America to New Zealand.

Stacy Garcia
Stacy Garcia, Calabasas Lounge Chair

NYS: We love your Speakeasy, Acid Hip, and Canyon Road collections. What inspired them?

Stacy Garcia: We are constantly inspired by what's trending in the industry (whether its colors, materials, or textures). Much of our collection development is informed by trend research and a new take on a historical perspective.

NYS: What is on the horizon for you?

Stacy Garcia: We are continuing to develop our product offering under the Stacy Garcia I New York label. I intend to expand the offering of wallpaper, textiles and furniture to include lighting, rugs and accessories.

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