July 31, 2016

Q&A with Andrew Suvalsky—a Manhattan-Based Interior Designer Known for his Use of Color

Andrew Suvalsky answers our questions on his penchant for mixing pop art with natural, wild custom-made pieces and his explosive use of color.

by New York Spaces

andrew suvalsky
Andrew Suvalsky Designs.
Andrew Suvalsky Designs
Andrew Suvalsky Designs.

NYS: What are you known for?

Andrew Suvalsky: My fearless use of color. I use colors like weapons to create a solid, internal energy that embraces my client's essence through design.

NYS: What draws you to mixing pop art with natural, custom-made pieces in your designs?

Andrew Suvalsky: I feel that the best the way to enhance strong pop art is to enhance its environment with equally strong customized pieces, which I create in order to fulfill my design vision. I think about all of the features of the entire room as pieces of a beautiful puzzle I'm designing, and the customized pieces are essential for that, just like the art.

NYS: What would you say are your strengths? What does your firm offer exactly?

Andrew Suvalsky: I am very strong at finding new and innovative ways to approach each design project in a way that presents a highly personalized result for my clients that reflects back the best version of them. I also very much enjoy the space planning part of design and figuring out ways to enhance a room far beyond just making it prettier, and finding new ways to make the spaces work to the best of their ability.

ASD offers full interior architectural and design services, project management, and custom designed furniture

Andrew Suvalsky Designs
Andrew Suvalsky Designs.

and millwork. We treat each project and clients as the utmost importance. We take a highly personalized approach to working with our clients from the start to the very last finishing touches.

NYS: What would your ideal vacation home look like?

Andrew Suvalsky: A very sleek/swank, modernist style with a twist of fun. Party-ready, and a little glamorous, but not in a "clichéd way." I also would want it to feel very fresh and livable for me, my family, and guests with a great pool! Something like Frank Sinatra's Palm Springs getaway, but of course with an Andy twist.

NYS: We love your use of tropical palettes in austere, urban spaces! Explain the draw to that type of design?

Andrew Suvalsky: I believe that keeping an active imagination and creating a space reflective of the different sides of our personalities is more important than following along with the style that is expected from its environment and the location. That is way too one-note for my taste. Therefore, I like to mix formats, such as bringing tropical palettes to New York, and New York sophistication to the tropics.

NYS: What has most played a role in your decision to be a designer? What is the part you enjoy most about the process?

Andrew Suvalsky Designs
Andrew Suvalsky Designs.

Andrew Suvalsky: Initially I never thought I'd be an interior designer. I did however long to work in a creative field in New York City, but was very unsure of which profession. When I moved from Chicago to NYC in the late 1990s I landed a job with a top interior design firm without realizing on any level what an opportunity it was and how it would play out. However, within no time I felt at home and showed an understanding and willingness to take on any responsibilities related to running interior design projects. My boss, Benjamin Noriega Ortiz, recognized this and soon moved me from the P.A. job to a junior then Senior Designer position. He even encouraged me to take freelance clients as long as it didn't interfere with my work for him. Once set on this path, it increasingly became clear I'd found the creative profession I'd been looking for.

The part I love most about the process is constantly trying to one-up myself creatively, and finding new ways to

Andrew Suvalsky Designs
Andrew Suvalsky Designs.

serve my clients with my designs. I'm grateful that the creative channels seem to be wide open, and that new and different opportunities in design continue to come my way and that my company continues to grow and evolve.

NYS: If you could design a permanent residence for yourself anywhere, where would it be?

Andrew Suvalsky: For the past few years I've been spending a few weeks in Puglia, Italy (the heel of the "boot") each summer. Everything about that area—from the food, to the warm weather, the unending beaches and rocky coves, and the warm crystal clear waters—has captured my imagination more than any place so far.

NYS: Is there a color you would never use in a project? If so, why?

Andrew Suvalsky Designs
Andrew Suvalsky Designs.

Andrew Suvalsky: I've been called "Mr. Color", so I'm fairly open to all colors and shades, depending on other factors. However, anything that feels muddy or drab, is definitely a no-go for me.

NYS: What did you take from your experience working for Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz?

Andrew Suvalsky: Everything. He really allowed me to spread my wings creatively and in project management, gaining experience working on such wonderful projects. He taught me that great design can hide bad architecture and make good architecture look even better. He also definitely taught me how to use draperies to add a little or a lot of glam to any project.

NYS: What is one of your favorite architectural gems in NYC and why?

Andrew Suvalsky Designs
Andrew Suvalsky Designs.

I'm thrilled by all the construction and edgy modern buildings that are popping up around the city. I like to see the skyline of New York taking on a new and sleeker form. But, with that said, my love of history, books, and art leads me to feeling consistently most at home in both the New York Public Library and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

NYS: What would your dream project be?

Andrew Suvalsky: A "sky's-the-limit" budget for a 5-star hotel looking for a never-before-seen signature look.

NYS: What are you working on now?

Andrew Suvalsky: A variety of projects—a few New York City apartment decorating projects, the ongoing renovation of a long-time client's home in Westchester, a huge home on the Long Island Sound, and a number of fun promotional jobs including on an extreme-home makeover show, George to the Rescue.

Andrew Suvalsky Designs
Andrew Suvalsky Designs.

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