February 25, 2016

Q&A with Venezuelan Desigern Arlene Angard

Interior designer Arlene Angard moves her gallery to East 71st Street!

by New York Spaces

Arlene Angard Designs
Arlene Angard Gallery. Photographs by Nicholas Doyle.
Arlene Angard Designs
Artwork by William Engel.

NYS: You have recently moved Arlene Angard Gallery to East 71st Street. What do you love about the new space?

Arlene Angard: Having an Art Gallery off Madison Avenue!

NYS: What kind of products and services do you offer at the gallery?

AA: Interior designs services, architectural services and art collections. My line of furniture and area rugs, contemporary art pieces complemented with antiques.

NYS: How would you describe the aesthetic in your space right now?

AA: Chic and Eclectic.

NYS: How does having an art gallery as your neighbor influence your design aesthetic?

AA: It ups my game. I very much enjoy being close to other galleries; it offers the client a fuller experience and also opens the door to more relationships and opportunities for Arlene Angard Designs.

NYS: What are your favorite designs in the shop right now?

AA: A Catherine Wingback chair and a Neopolitan wood meeting table from the Arlene Angard Collection.

NYS: You always carry such wonderful artists in your gallery, who are you carrying now?

AA: Contemporary paintings by William Engel and hand-blown sculptures by Jeremy Silva.

NYS: How do you source the products and artists you showcase?

Arlene Angard Designs
Arlene Angard Gallery

AA: As an Art Curator I have learned to evolve. I also learned that I need to follow my instincts; when I like a piece of art, I research the artist and then I engage him or her in order to represent them.

NYS: Can you tell us an interesting story behind a piece you are carrying right now?

AA: My client comes for his appointment, looks around and says: "I feel as if I am in an orgy of color!" He then commissions a custom-made sculpture by Jeremy Silva and purchases one of the color-filled, amazing paintings from William Engel's newest collection.

NYS: Are there any upcoming events or exhibitions at your gallery?

AA: Yes. "The Spring Collection" opening is on March 3rd 2016 at Arlene Angard Gallery. The exhibit will be on view through April 5th.

NYS: What are you working on now?

AA: Curating my next Summer Exhibit. Renovating three New York City apartments, a house in New Jersey, and a house in Virginia.

NYS: Who would you most like to see walk through your door?

AA: Lady Gaga

Arlene Angard Gallery is located at 15 East 71st Street, NYC. Read another Q&A with Arlene Angard.

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