September 15, 2016

Danielle Dorn Talks about Portico Home in SoHo

Earthbound Creative Director - Licensing, Danielle Dorn, answers our questions on the SoHo-based showroom's luxurious bedding.

by New York Spaces

portico in soho

Q&A With Danielle Dorn, Earthbound Creative Director – Licensing


NYS: When did Portico open its doors in New York and what has remained consistent about the brand since then?

DD: Portico opened its doors in New York's historic SoHo district in 1988. Today, we have remained true to our roots, and have maintained the same distinctive luxury aesthetic that our customers have enjoyed since its beginnings.

NYS: What does Portico offer and what makes your products so special?

DD: Portico offers responsible luxury. Uncompromising in design and aesthetic, all elements are thoughtfully crafted to consider their environmental and social impacts.

NYS: Where are some of your key markets?

DD: We have a very strong international customer base with our amenities worldwide. Since our roots are in New York, it remains a key market for us.

Portico, alpaca throw
Alpaca Throw from Portico.

NYS: We love that you use sustainable fibers in your bedding! Why is that so important to Portico?

DD: We found that there was a void for luxurious yet sustainable home products. We wanted to address the large segment of conscious clientele that are looking for luxury at the same time.

NYS: What other ways do you offer "responsible luxury" in your products?

DD: We make sure that everything that we do is eco-conscious and ethical. From cotton to tencel, linen to down, materials are thoughtfully sourced, often Certified Organic and always free from toxins and heavy metals.

NYS: Why does Portico use Alpaca wool ethically sourced from the Peruvian highlands? What properties does it have that renders it so perfect for the brand?

DD: All of our alpaca products come from happy alpacas! By using alpaca wool from the Peruvian highlands, we maintain the heritage of a town that revolves around a philosophical framework of social responsibility and respect for the environment.

Glaciar Bay, Portico
Glacier Bay. Portico.

NYS: What do you fill your pillows with and why?

DD: Portico pillows are filled with the finest quality feathers from duck and geese that are expertly treated, and responsibly farmed. Certified to the Responsible Down Standard, this special seal ensures Portico's best practices in feather procurement.

NYS: We absolutely love your Nova Sky and Glacier Bay patterns! What are they inspired by?

DD: Thank you! Nova Sky is a study in constellations—nspired by the glistening of bright stars in the darkest night sky. We drew inspiration for Glacier Bay from the way ice melts, and how the run off falls and pools into beautiful patterns.

NYS: Cambridge Square is also a favorite of ours! What are some of your best-selling patterns?

DD: Our core collection, Solane Square is a favorite amongst our customers because it layers into any bed beautifully.

NYS: Why should designers and consumers visit Portico?

Nova Sky, Portico
Nova Sky. Portico.

DD: Designers and consumers alike should visit Portico because we fill a void within the luxury space for responsible sourcing and certified organic materials. Customers can sleep better knowing that they are doing good for the environment and themselves.

NYS: What is on the horizon for Portico?

DD: Our vision is to create and immerse customers in the world of Portico. We are looking to expand our categories into rugs, décor items and personal care to give the customer the full Portico experience.

Cambridge Euro Pillow. Portico.

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